Sunday, 10 February 2013

I Remember Vilinius....

The last month has been mad but last week became insane. My new HR Information Systems portal was launched to 800 managers, pushed out together with an online Performance Review and Development toolkit.

If that wasn't enough, I've had to write a script for a conference, develop and prepare a 25 minute presentation to be held at the Beach Ballroom and delivered to 500 managers and key stakeholders, do presentations to senior executives and on my own behalf, apply for two job opportunities.

On a Winter of '79 front things have come to a temporary standstill as I put some key figures out to be painted and am just waiting for them to return before continuing the airborne assault into the Welsh valleys.

 SAS lurk in the shadows as the BTR patrol passes by......

Nevertheless, gaming must prevail and the grittiness of the recent weather has made me look to some Balkanesque Ghost Recon gaming. In part inspired by a new purchase, a destroyed village set in 20mm from eBay seller designchris, who's products can be viewed at CJs World Wargaming Terrain.

I was taken with the terrain immediately I first saw the village for sale on eBay. But I admit, I was a little apprehensive when I committed to buy. Been bitten before. However, the village arrived in only 48 hours, undamaged and impressively packaged. As soon as I got it out of the box and on the table, I just had to play a quick game to blood it.

I am even more delighted that it's miles than in the photos. Chris manages a good tonal quality that makes it feel right. I've consequently put a bid in on something else and have a couple of other items lined up once we get closer to pay day. Another game using these new village terrain tiles is planned for today and I have two more games in mind this week now that work is under control and Im fully prepped for taking the stage next week. 

Chris's village set has also inspired me to pick up a couple of packs of Under Fire Miniatures' new Chechen fighters. And I finally have an excuse to get a few Warmodelling/AB Figures Normandy Brits and Jerries.  Plus, don't think you won't see this used as a Winter of '79 Welsh or Dales village either in coming weeks either.

Photos and batreps of all the games to follow over the next few nights.


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  1. Very impressive piece of terrain there. Just checked out his ebay stuff- reasonably priced too.

    I look forward to seeing what you use it for.