Thursday 19 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I'd like to thank Eamon Honan for nominating Winter of '79 for a Stylish Blogger Award. Some girls over on TMP decided it wasn't fashionable and it now seems to be the done thing to say, "Oh I've received X number of wards but of course I politely decline". Well bollocks to you. This 'award' is a communication tool bigger than individual hobby egos. It has helped many, including myself to find more blogs of direct or even indirect interest, built bridges with other gamers and ultimately play a small role in bringing together thi disparate and fractured hobby of ours through an act of kindness, generosity and respect. Surely that is not bad thing especially in these times.

Now as per the stipulation of the 'rules', which aren't set in stone but actually serve a useful purpose and are fun:

1) Thanks again to Eamon (Conrad Kinch) whose wepage can be found here:

2) Seven interesting things about me.
  • Power in the Darkness by the Tom Robinson Band is most definitely the anthem of my life and inspiration for this blog.
  • My family is from the Shannon and my grandfather was shot by the Black & Tans.
  • My mother was a Butlins 'redcoat' alongside Des O'Connor. The joke in my wife's family is, I'm Des O'Connor's lovechild!
  • I am an ex-officio member of the local Trade Union executive. My main role is to prepare members for employement appeals and hearings. Supporting them and making their case for them where necessary.
  • I lived in the flat of the director of Surf Nazis Must Die whilst he was away filming.
  • I was proposed to by the grand-daughter of a Duke. 
  • I secretly watch the TV show How I Met Your Mother, 'cause I have thing for brunette Colbie Smulders who plays 'Robin'.
3) Nominate another blog/blogger (or several) for the award.

In keeping with this blog I'm going to nominate Richard at Cold War Hot, Hot. Hot for a massive resource dedicated to the Cold War with very much a miniatures theme. Richard is grounded, an everyman and takes time out to answer questions and queries.

And I also nominate Steve for England Prevails. I know how much work goes into knocking up fake newspapers and TV reports. Steve does it to a tee and preents a frighteningly realistic picture of an alternative timeline Britain set in the late 1980's. Inspirational stuff from another grounded wargamer.


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