Monday 23 May 2011

Winter of 79 Wishlist

So, what 20mm British Urban Meltdown figures do YOU want to see?

Here's Joe's 'wishlist'. Have a think and leave your thoughts as comments below. I'll create a stand alone page that can be viewed in the right hand panel and I'll update it with everyone's thoughts as a 'living' wishlist.

Joe Collins' 20mm 1970’s English Civil War Dream list
  • Firearm Armed Police – Sterling SMG, pistols, and SLR
  • Melee Armed Police – Batons, axe handles, sledgehammers
  • Riot Police without gas mask  wearing traditional British police helmet and circle riot shield,  one with riot gun, one with loudspeaker/megaphone
  • Riot Police with gas mask as above
  • Heavily Armed Police – armed with a Carl G or LAW AT weapons
  • Geezers with older firearms –SMLE, double barreled shotgun
  • Geezers with melee weapons – axe handles, sledgehammers, knives
  • Hold up men with balaclavas and no webbing – shotguns, M16’s, AK’s, pistols, Mini-14’s
  • Rioters – unarmed
  • Rioters – armed and masked with balaclavas, cloth scarves, and gas masks with clubs, stones, bricks, chains, bottles
  • Palace Guards – Guards with bearskins and SLR
  • A well endowed female Aussie pub bartender to go with Mark’s “not-Al Murray” pub lord
  • Fire Brigade – something that looks that can be used for putting out fires from rioters or fighting zombies
  • Post-Apoc gangsters – Mad Max and GW’s Dark Future style of gangsters, but with a British feel (like wearing bowler & umbrella, or wearing a Bobby’s helmet) with 1970’s or 80’s weapons and make-shift weapons (club with spikes, etc.)   Not too crazy, so they could still be used for “realistic” punk gangsters as well.

Wish list for the Falklands line
  • Falklands – Armed with SLR and M79 grenade launchers (I prefer to have one firing, one moving with the M79 and rifle slung, and one with M79 slung and either advancing or shooting with the SLR.)  I also personally would like to see the helmet version first since most of the battles they were wearing helmets.
  • Falklands – a head version for the Welsh Guards for Tumbledown
  • Falklands – ARGENTINES!!!!  I know that Stonewall has the old Hotspur’s Argentines, but from what I understand, their molds for them have really lost their details.

Wish list for the Cold War line
  • British soldiers in NBC suits and masks for Cold War Hot chemical exchange or response to zombie infestation. 
  • US soldiers in NBC suits and masks as above – please, both with the M1 steel helmet and the Kevlar helmet – personally, I want the M1 steel helmets first. 
 Thanks for that list Joe, good ideas. Now let's hear yours.......




  1. Police with truncheons and rubbish bin lids. One bareheaded, one in motorbike helmet, helmet, peak cap. one in shirtsleeves.

    Police armed with revolver, enfield, M1, boss with revolver & walkie talkie, army “advisor”, DPM trousers, pullover, beret, sniper rifle

    Rastas flinging petrol bombs / bricks; Ben Elton with megaphone ranting. Joe Strummer with tommy gun, the rest of The Clash with sten guns.

    Traffic Wardens in peaked caps, scarf over face, FN / M16 / M1

    Guys in donkey jackets with pistols and assorted longs.

  2. D'oh! It has been pointed out to me that for some reason I typed "Welsh" instead of "Scots" for the Guards at Tumbledown...even though I knew better!

    With that being said, I would also like to add Ghurkas for the Falklands - shorter figures with the same size SLR's as the normal Falklands line.


  3. Don't worry Joe - I didn't pick it up either.