Sunday 15 May 2011

NEW Urban Meltdown British from RH MODELS

Rolf at RH Models has come through and has built a new pack at my bidding URBMELTSUP: 3 bareheaded figs with stirling smg and, 2 with GPMG. 


I've suggested some variants that include skinheads and punks from the period - otherwise it will be woolly hats and balaclavas. Have your say below.

I've also suggested and may need your support here to make it happen - a pack of more country types with barber jackets, flat caps, shotguns and SLRs. Once again, give us your ideas below.



  1. Don't forget to get some with some old bolt action rifles(hunting types) and some Lee-Enfield and maybe a Bren.
    I figured that there would be quit a few in hunting/shooting clubs, police, reserve bunkers and in personal hands.
    Also a few with handguns. (have to start the revolution with some thing before you get the heavy hardware)

  2. Hi Commissarmoody

    Some good points there. If anyone is interested I wrote about firearms in the UK last year.

    Those used ans stored by police for national emergencies here:

    and in civilian hands, here:

    A Bren would have been a nice touch - shades of Lindsay Anderson's IF. But to be honest, even though I used an L4 myself on one occasion, a banana magazine on top is all you need once its painted black and on the table.

    Both RH, Platoon 20 and Stonewall (ex-Hotspur) have plenty of hand guns in one form or another already, - where I think it would work is if Rolf or Tony at P20 had more 'Geezer' style Brit TV cop characters, plus skinheads and punks with handguns.

    I'd love to see a punk NBren gunner.

    I've been trying to buy the old Citadel Dark Future punk figures on Ebay but keep getting outbid. So will have to make my own.

    Maff has sent me 'BA' from Elheims new ahem A-Team, SOF Mercs:

    That's one punk down!


  3. Intersting idea Mark - I look forward to buying some...
    best wishes

  4. Mark I will send you some Dark future punks in morning.
    Thank God Rolf had brought some UK meltdown figs out he has been promising for years.
    Figs are a good start but how about some British armed police. Would like to see some civilians/survivors in gas masks.

  5. And police in gasmasks too.


  6. Yes deffo and maybe a traffic warden with a SLR??

  7. Male with SLR, female with Stirling.

    Plus a Pub landlord (Al Murray) figure.


  8. Nice figures, though not of immediate interest to me. I could certainly use the country types for VBCW sorts of things and would take a two packs.

  9. Stanley Baker head, leather bomber jacket, jeans, boots & pump-action shotgun...ring any bells?

  10. Which character, I mean... :)

  11. Stanley Baker??? no I know who he is but am struggling with the character??
    How about Stanley Baxter as a sassy Glaswegian WPC no doubt wearing susssies and doing a big song and dance routine.

  12. No No No No NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  13. PS Rolf also has a pack of SLRS - Hoorah!


  14. Majormike - Nah, I was thinking of legendary 2000 AD character Bill Savage from 'Invasion' - set in 1999, but written and holding the look and feel of 1977. Bill's likeness was based upon Baker's character in the film 'Hell Drivers' :)

  15. Lovely figures.

    I wish RH Models had a Webstore or Stockist with Webstore.

    Everytime I look at pictures on blogs of the RH models they just look great.

    One of only a few downsides of living in Australia :)

  16. What I did was send Rolf a letter with firts order and credit card details. Told him to keep creedit card details on file.

    Now I just fire off an email saying please send me X,Y and Z.

    But yeah - my wife is really happy that he doesn;t have a web store with pictures. We need a bigger house.


  17. I know that I am a little late of posting this wishlist, but here is what I would like to see.



    My 20mm 1970’s English Civil War Dream list

    Firearm Armed Police – Sterling SMG, pistols, and SLR

    Melee Armed Police – Batons, ax handles, sledgehammers

    Riot Police without gas mask wearing traditional British police helmet and circle riot shield, one with riot gun, one with loudspeaker/megaphone

    Riot Police with gas mask as above

    Heavily Armed Police – armed with a Carl G or LAW AT weapons

    Geezers with older firearms –SMLE, double barreled shotgun

    Geezers with melee weapons – ax handles, sledgehammers, knives

    Hold up men with balaclavas and no webbing – shotguns, M16’s, AK’s, pistols, Mini-14’s

    Rioters – unarmed

    Rioters – armed and masked with balaclavas, cloth scarves, and gas masks with clubs, stones, bricks, chains, bottles

    Palace Guards – Guards with bearskins and SLR

    A well endowed female Aussie pub bartender to go with Mark’s “not-Al Murray” pub lord

    Fire Brigade – something that looks that can be used for putting out fires from rioters or fighting zombies

    Post-Apoc gangsters – Mad Max and GW’s Dark Future style of gangsters, but with a British feel (like wearing bowler & umbrella, or wearing a Bobby’s helmet) with 1970’s or 80’s weapons and make-shift weapons (club with spikes, etc.) Not too crazy, so they could still be used for “realistic” punk gangsters as well.

    Wish list for the Falklands line

    Falklands – Armed with SLR and M79 grenade launchers (I prefer to have one firing, one moving with the M79 and rifle slung, and one with M79 slung and either advancing or shooting with the SLR.) I also personally would like to see the helmet version first since most of the battles they were wearing helmets.

    Falklands – a head version for the Welsh Guards for Tumbledown

    Falklands – ARGENTINES!!!! I know that Stonewall has the old Hotspur’s Argentines, but from what I understand, their molds for them have really lost their details.

    Wish list for the Cold War line

    British soldiers in NBC suits and masks for Cold War Hot chemical exchange or response to zombie infestation.

    US soldiers in NBC suits and masks as above – please, both with the M1 steel helmet and the Kevlar helmet – personally, I want the M1 steel helmets first.