Tuesday 31 May 2011

DIY Hay Bales from Pan Scrubs

I just thought I'd experiment and see if I could make round hay bales from cheap pan scrubs?

The answer is a resounding.... err yes!

I glued 3 pan scrubs together with PVA 'white glue'. These are really cheap ones from Poundland (10 for £1). Then weighted the pan scrub 'jam sandwich' down so that they stuck firmly together. It worked, sort of.  The glue is still wet a day later but the pan scrub sandwich is stuck together just enough to try out the experiment.

Again using a traditional Humbrol Enamel paint as visual guidance, I first out cut a square around the tin, leaving me holdings a small  pan scrub 'cucumber sandwich'. Then with a pair of sharp scissors, cut a circle, freehand.  

OK, I need to make it a little smaller perhaps. Add a fourth pan scrub. But it's alright as a bit of ridiculously cheap scatter terrain. I reckon you could make 9 per 'sandwich', perhaps 12 if you were careful - that's 18-24 for just a quid! The still wet glue hindered cutting, so I would suggest putting your pan scrub 'sandwich' somewhere warm and ventilated for a couple of days before trying this yourself at home.

I will try using a 20-22mm mdf base as a template circle to cut round in future. Oh! and yes, I know that I have to finish the Platoon 20 Paratrooper's base but I am trying out Woodland Scenics' Earth Undercoat. Which I'm finding both bloody cheap and effective.


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