Saturday, 3 December 2011


"Come the revolution.....Jeremy Clarkson ......bop,bop.bop!" This week was just off the wall!

Monday, a 'Masterclass' in Coaching and Influencing, facilitated  by Peter Hill. Brilliant! I came away firing with enthusiasm and positivity.  The rest of the week did its best to knock that out of me.

My boss resigned. They aren't going to replace him which puts the long term survival of my team in doubt (again). Then my Web Developer resigned. He was offered a more secure job with better prospects, which given the current financial situation, good for him!  However it's left my project temporarily dead in the water, so I have been liaising with recruitment agencies and  interviewing contract developers to fill the immediate gap.

Tuesday, attended an impromptu party after work to thank everyone who had participated in the employee appeals process. That was seven years of my life. Some low moments in that time, but many more highs and I can honestly say I came away richer with new friends from across the organisation.

Wednesday was completely thrown out by the public sector strike. Thursday the Highlanders homecoming parade in Union Street. On the train home my airways closed up and I was left struggling for breath. Reassuringly one of my travelling companions is a nurse, just in case things got really bad. Took a steroid shot when I got home and retired to bed.  Friday was left to pick up the pieces from the week.

Maff's not had the best week either. He works for an international company, whose workload is generated internationally, so the Eurozone crisis is a more immediate threat to his employment. Neither of us in a mood for a game on Wednesday.

And still waiting for me Urban Meltdown Brits.
But despite all that, today I have taken over the kitchen and am making more of Tony's card buildings.

They are really fast to cut-out and construct once you build up a rhythm.  I suggest you batch them up for the hot glue gun. The fiddliest part remains as with all card kits, the chimney stack. Apart from that, they are fun to build and look good. Wish I'd come across them before I started buying Metcalfe kits.



  1. Citizen Smith..I used to love that series..the bit at the beggining of him driving the tank :-D
    Those card houses look really thing..they are cheap.

  2. How things turn around for you soon.

  3. I hold to the viewpoint that it's times like these when we most need our hobbies to help us unwind.

    In the past I've found constructing card buildings to be a great way to relax. There's something Zen about taking a flat sheet and cutting, folding and glueing it into a piece of scenery you can use.

  4. Thanks Brian. Given where I was during the summer - things are fine. Overall Im really positive. Just charting the ups and downs in a week that largely took me away from my hobby. It has been a really tough and at times tense week. On the upside, I can now add recruiting and interviewing experience to my CV.

    Dr V. you are right on the button. Once I got into the rythym of cutting and folding Tony's card buildings - it became a really relaxing and rewarding experience.

    Citizen Smith. Still one of my favourite TV shows and available to all our Winter of 79 comrades on Youtube.


  5. I've just been watching season 1 of Citizen Smith. Still makes me laugh. Haven't been able to find Get Some In! though...
    I'm also about to delve into things Zulu but in 10mm and using the Colonial variant for DBN. But will look forward to seeing your Empress minis as they are lovely figures!
    All the best