Tuesday 27 December 2011


Checking out the Ambush Alley Games Forum I came across these goodies. Some WIP of upcoming Cold War BAOR from Elheim Figures.

 Elheim Figures: BAOR WIP

Now, I have to say that I like patrolling poses, particularly when done right, and useful for the types of games we are playing. I think the GPMG No.1 should really be carrying this more level, due to the weight and balance of the weapon, but I like how the the SLRs and Sterlingare carried. I can already picture them advancing in V formation on Ambridge. Certainly going to keep my eye on these.

Next up. Shaun at S&S Models has released a burning car. Very nice. Looks like Bodie and Doyle have got themselves in a bit of trouble. A couple of these could well find a place in  my Urban Decay battlefield.

Finally, Skytrex are offering a 20% Off SALE on all online orders placed until the 2nd January, 2012. Discount will appear when you checkout at their online store. Not only do they have some very well mastered and cast metal 20mm Cold War Brit stuff, but they also have Individual Oil Drums.

Always great for urban settings in particular, these individual oil drums can be used for checkpoints, semi-permanent VCPs and impromptu barricades/cover. With 20% off, they are only £2.40 for ten, which is very good value.

'Mick Travis' firing his Bren, Gangsta style

With Rolf working on more Urban Meltdown Brits too, there's no better time to take to the streets or rooftops and join in the revolution!


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