Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More DPM Hordes!

Just as I think I've got my backlog of DPM cracked - I find my parcel from Rolf Hedges waiting for me at home  this evening.

Inside are Liberation Miniatures' Falklands era SAS and SAS support,  Vietnam era Oz SAS (Odd Angry Shot an all that),  1970/80's squaddie odds and sods plus a pack of AK47 types wearing balaclavas.

The 22 SAS lads have a variety of head dress and come with M16's. The Falklands SAS Support Pack has 4 figures with M16/203, 2 GPMG and 2 Bren. These are lovely models. Most are bareheaded and Rolf does nice bareheads - one in balaclava in each pack, two in knitted cap.

See Richard's beautiful Cold War Hot Hot Hot blog for great photos of these minis painted.

 Rolf Hedges 20mm OZSAS
2nd from left has an M79 Blooper and a Shotgun!
(pics cour tesy of RH Model forum)

Whereas the Oz SAS are mostly bareheaded, one in a beret and have a range of weapons and kit. The weapons include including four poses armed with SLRs, one having an SLR plus underslung grenade launcher (weakest figure in entire package I'm afraid), silenced Stirling, three M16s and a fantastic, yes fantastic character with an M79 Blooper in right hand AND a shotgun in his left. All in all, excellent DPM fodder for disparate Rebel forces.

if you wanted to build a rebel/militia force for your own Winter of '79, using Rolf's figures, I'd suggest a minimum of the Oz SAS plus Falklands SAS Support pack. If you want a more revolutionary look to the force, go for the Falklands SAS pack. Use these as your core forces and expand with other miniatures from Rolf's Urban Terror range and others to suit your needs.


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