Wednesday 1 June 2011

DIY Hay Bales from Pan Scrubs: Redux

My pan scrub hay bales are an instant success! Here you see five cut out in less than a minute each using a pair of sharp scissors and a 22mm round mdf figure base as a template.

From one of the off-cuts, I managed to peel off the third layer of pan scrub and quickly cut out these two traditional straw-bales.

I've been a bit slapdash with my cutting and only expect to get 9-10 of these 22mm bales but even so - 1 minute per bale to cut and at 3p or 4p each, plus I can fill my OO scale barns and litter my farmyards with straw-bales for pennies. Not shabby at all!



  1. Mark,

    As a numbed refugee from the Dropship - missing you already! Thanks for all the 15mm gems you have showered us with over the years - your moving on is our loss. All the best to everyone in Kinkydeneshire!