Tuesday 24 April 2012

20mm Street Furniture

Just popped over to The Scene to pick up some 15mm 'You lose it here and you're in a world of hurt' US Special Forces for my Posse Commitatus project. Whilst browsing the webstore I found they now do a series of skips in their Scrap Yard range in both 15mm and 20mm and at very reasonable prices.

The Scene UK: SK2001 
£1.80 for 2 empty skips

The range includesnot just empty skips but also skips filled with various ballast, building materials and waste/scrap metal. I had planned to make some of my own skips from spare card but at these prices it's a no brainer to buy straight from The Scene!

 S&S Models: UrbanJunkandRats 1

Shaun at S&S Models has released this pack of generic urban junk with rats. Great as markers and generic battlefield debris. Like the traffic cones in particular. Next month these will be on the shopping list along with his previous urban barricade and burning debris to add to my burgeoning piles of rubbish bags to give my urban setup a much more fought over and inner city decay look about it.

 MJ Figures: Sand Wars - Clan Falcon

What are these?  Near Future/Cyber Punk cops. No, not really, they are MJ Figures new 20mm Sand Wars: Clan Falcon Sci Fi figures. Two packs of these figs and I thought in the right urban camouflage they would make great Near Future SWAT team keeping order on the streets in 2079. There are two packs of very nice figs. I'm going to get some to try out and also see if they would work with Winter of 79 with some added SLRs from my spares box.


ps... tonights game is a joint force of SBS/Royal Marine Commandos retaking the fictional settlement at Penguin Inlet, South Georgia, 1982.

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