Wednesday 11 April 2012

Captain P's happy snaps from Trebizon.

"I said shut up. SHUTIT. Right, the Headshed has decided that you all need a quick catch up on events in Sunny Trebizon. So, here you are, pics by Soap, dull comments by Stench. Mine's a pint, Gaz!

This is Spiros Vondas; the Green Slime think he's part of the local business scene. He's got lots of cousins, all of them called Spiro.

You got to love it. Me and Soap would have been in the proverbial if this beauty hadn't been circling.

Lovely car, shame about the bullet holes.

Colonel Mavropoulos. Local Narco Cop boss and all round hard guy.

                      Commissioner Methodius. I don't trust anyone with more braid than brains.

                    Local politicians. Gaz was undercover on this one; that's him in the ashtray.

Right. That's it. Got it? See you on the helo."