Thursday 5 April 2012

Bob Peck's Finest Hour

When mark asked me whether I wanted to play Major Norman's Marines or the Buzo Tactico ("Boozy Tacticals" as Mark called them), I didn't hesitate to choose the Argies. It's been a tough week in work and I thought the opportunity to be blatantly aggressive would suit my mood. My text to Mark on wedneday afternoon said "this is going to be loud". How right I was.

 Bob Peck, Cpl Baz and Marine Gaz; a three man army

I did think about trying it by stealth and looking to minimise both casualties and collateral damage but then it struck me - as Part of Operation Rosario, these chaps had malleted Moody Brook Barracks and were clearly not playing to be popular. So, I settled for a full on attack.

Teams No. 1 & 3 were set up on the right with No.2 hanging back (in a reverse arrowhead), then teams No.4, an MG team and the sniper were placed on the ridge to give support fire. The plan was that team No.s 1 & 3 would flash a covered torch back at the ridge once in position up to the walls and 2 would exploit through. Then it would all go loud.

Needless to say an eagle eyed bootneck spotted something before the half way point was reached and all hell broke loose. The sniper with NV goggles dropped the Marine and the fire support group opened up. The assault teams got to the buildings but Major Norman and a small group of Marines were concealed by the Land Rovers and made their prescence felt. A drawn out firefight developed which saw team No.3 shot up totally but the careful SLR fire (single shots ony, none of that semi auto nonsense) of the Booties couldn't compete with the MG on the ridge and the ever present sniper threat and were forced back to the main building.

Meanwhile Team No.1 under Lt. Gaucho Marx had broken into the Maids quarters while No.2 had entered the isolated admin building. Here they were set up facing the courtyard but were worried about being caught in the flank by 'That Man' Norman. Team No. 4 were now legging it fast to the buildings with no clear plan, just get there......

So, at half time, it was 1-1 with team No.3 scratched and the Bootnecks pushed into the Residence proper. Team No. 1 pressed on into the Residence but got bumped by a pair of Marines. A nasty fight broke out and the sole survivor of team No. 1 hid behind a desk, head ringing from grenades and a Size 10 Boot DMS.

Team No.4 reached the buildings and I decided to go for the Maids quarters again and use it as a meatgrinder, forcing the Marines to put men on the line; with the yard still quiet 2 decided to dash across to the main door. No fire as they scuttled over, which was a total suprise.....and then another messy attempt to break in. It was plain that the Buzo just werent good at kicking in doors and meanwhile the Booties in the Maids Quarters still refused to get the message. I really needed to get into the building to open another front.

A map I'd seen had shown a CSM and a couple of Marines in the garden, hiding....where were they? A CSM, he had to be dangerous! After two efforts team No.2 were finally somewhere inside the main building, a mere matter of metres from Sir Rex Hunt I hoped but to judge by the rounds pinging about, the Marines were still up for it and that fat bloke was still on the floor loading mags for them. No. 4 had bumped the Booties between the Maids quarters and the residence and everywhere furniture was rapidly turning to matchwood. It was still 1-1, I thought about just holding till dawn brought the Amtracs up from Stanley but meanwhile those Booties were still in the game. I was stretched for numbers and that nutter Norman was still leading the defence with cohones!

From the gunfire I worked out Rex Hunt was protected by Norman accompanied and at least two Marines. No doubt about it, I needed a "Hand of God" moment. All I had left was the MG and sniper, utterly useless in CQB and too far back, so I followed Rommel's advice and just kept shooting. Mark is well aware of my tactic of using a sniper as a poor man's gun group. They could only rake the upstairs of the residence in the hope of making an impression. Oh well, keep bashing on then......where were those damned Amtracs?

Then, after a flurry of attacks which again stalled, a breakthrough. Cpl Baz is hit crouching near Rex Hunt which shakes him. A die roll and  Mark announced that Sir Rex had persuaded Major Norman that it was time to stop the bloodshed. I almost fell out of my chair. They thought they'd had problems? Mark then explained that a major factor had been the volume of fire going in from the ridge and the impression that there were more Buzo out there. The loss of Norman's radioman (Cpl Baz) in the last fusilade within the house had turned it. Given I had about 5 effectives on the line and there were apparently the same number of Marines still standing, I had lucked out.

This was a very hard fought game with both Mark and I throwing everthing bar penguin guano at each other and not backing down an inch. it was plain we both thought we'd lost it at some stage. The man of the moment had to be Major Norman, who was in the thick of it from start to finish. The Buzo sniper was pretty crucial too, rarely missing a supressive hit and not having the problems the MG team showed with a few fumbled rolls at the start. I'd not adopted a personal command figure but with hindsight the leader of team No.4 was a good bet given their swift intervention.

So there you are Bob Pecks finest moment captured in 20mm metal. Buildings by Tony at CardModels, rules Cold War: 1983 and figures all ex-Hotspur RM Marines and Argie Marines/Special Forces.


ps: Maff has posted this before I've got the pics ready. So don't worry there are more pics to come!


  1. Great AAR and well timed. This was clearly more than just a token defence as in 82.

    More pics please!

  2. Really good report - thanks for taking the trouble and time to post it. Inspirational!

  3. Great stuff. A nice read and some fun ideas there.

  4. Does 1983 have some sort of fog of war element then? Only thats what I'm reading at the end there. Maybe it's just a narrative conclusion.