Sunday, 17 June 2012

20mm Falklands 1982 Argentinian Infantry Greens

Mark from MJ Figures sent me this taster of his upcoming 20mm Argentinians for his Falklands 1982 range. Over the phone, Mark told me about the support weapons including mortars and recoilless rifles plus a range of resin dugouts he's had created specifically for this range.

MJ Figures Falklands 1982
Argentine Infantry WIP

I also received a couple of samples of new British Paras from him, tucked in with an order. They are both bareheaded and wearing helmets (photos to follow). The bareheaded Tom is particularly good makes a nice character figure! All in all this range is shaping up nicely.

 A Free Wales Army raid on a Rupert billet in Monmouthshire

A quick SITREP at this point won't go amiss.  The recent downpours in the south of the country have left Maff with the unenviable and costly task of stripping back his interior walls and flooring.

After final effort, I have all the Land Rovers I need - well, almost. Long Wheel Base, Short Wheel Base, 1 Ton and Airportable. A couple are in Berlin Brigade schemes for 10 Field Force, who are going to have a more urban role going forward... fires on "the mersey and the thames and the tyne..."

I've been focusing on course work for some professional exams coming up next week. Bearing this in mind, I'm in 'lockdown' from now until Friday 22nd, when I hope a big celebratory drink will be in order. See you then!




  1. Hi Mark, just found your blog - what an excellent and very exciting idea! I'm and 'oldie' and lived through the 70s and well remember serious conversations about the way things were going.

    This was reflected from a Scottish point of view by a TV drama based on Mr Hurd's 1971 novel 'Scotch on the Rocks'. So you can imagine that while a 'Free Welsh' armed forces struggled in the south a similar 'Free Scottish' movement was active in the north. (I don't know, maybe you already imagine this senario, I will have to read more of your blog).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. nice, Falklands is on the list one day.....