Thursday 7 June 2012

Radio Go! Go! GO!

On a parade ground somewhere near Fort Benning........

"Rangers, as you know, Operation Prompt Anger has been authorised by the President.

Amongst the mission targets is the local radio station at Santa Maria dos Los Paraguayos. The station is located at the end of a street forming a T junction; it is adjacent to the local school and so we are unable to seize it by a direct assault. Instead Bravo Chalk will rappel from helos at the end of the street and move onto the objective with speed. Alpha Chalk will provide LZ security. Local resistance is however expected to be light.



Several hours later in the Caribbean....

Reef Radio promises "Good Skanking Tonight, Every Night".....

But something else is in the air...

"This is Chick Two we are on LZ over. Go! Go!"

"This is Mother Hen, negative Chick One slated to land first over"

"Chick Two here, we are off course, ETA 2 minutes over"

"This is Chick One, we are landed, holding LZ.......over"

Despite the confusion both Chalks land and form up but....


"Enemy heavy weapon 12 o clock!"

"Enemy infantry! 11 o clock!"

"Man down!"

Local militia and a DUSHKA
(dug in outside the Radio Station)
open up on the Rangers

"BRAVO! Move right, Rangers lead the way"

"Grimes! Get your 203 on the DUSHKA! Smith! LAW that DUSHKA !"


"Grimes, you're useless."
"DUSHKA suppressed!"

"Supressed is no good to me. I want it DEAD!"
"Sniper! Sniper!"

"Eyes up! Nail that sniper! This is Alpha, under sniper and small arms, targets moving on our LEFT!"

And on the right......

"BRAVO! Move up, get over the railway tracks!"

"Enemy in sight 12 o clock!"

"Man hit!"

Bravo engaging enemy infantry on the wrong side of the tracks

"This is Mother Hen, we are holding LZ but Bravo stick is heavily engaged on the right flank over"

"Move up ! We are Oscar Mike at the edge of the shacks. Enemy infantry ahead!"

"Don't these guys give up?"

"We can enfilade the DUSHKA! Go Go Go!"

"This is Alpha, enemies to left neutralised , we can see Bravo at the radio station."

"Man down! Alpha! All eyes for that sniper!"

"Got him, target neuralised."

"Good shot Lohn."

"Bravo. Stack up. Prepare to breach. BREACH!GO GO GO!"

"an dat was Prince Buster, an it's a fine morning with Reef Radio....WHAT? An deres a helicopter outside an guys are sliding down ropes BANG Leroy, catch that WAILERS disc, it's signed! An theres shooting in the street, in the bush an BANG there goes real damage eh Leroy.....? An dere's more shooting....."


"Hey I'm de DJ, you got a request, you PHONE it in like anyone else!"

"This is BRAVO, target secured, wait up. SMITH! check the windows! What's that noise?"

"Cuban armour! Approaching up the railtracks!"

"Rangers! Check LAWS! Mother Hen....we have a situation here .....

To be continued.............

Ranger two Chalks, each 6 Rangers, assorted car15, m16, 203, sniper and LAWs.

Costaguans - assorted militia, DUSHKA and sniper (in the power units on the station roof) - regulars.

Figures - Hotspur (dushka Pltn 20), tank - AIRFIX, terrain, you've seen it all before amigos...
Rules, CW83 with even more mango and a hint of rum


  1. Those Castaguans are puting up one hell of a fight.

  2. Exciting, can't wait to read the next episode. I like the way you tell the AAR through radio chatter. Very inventive. Out.

  3. Thank you Gents!

    Commissar - the Costaguanans are indeed getting stuck in; this is a militant tropical paradise sandbox. That said, I have some LibMinis Contras so I think the Fraternales Nacional dos Costaguana may make an appearance. Thats once the Cuban Engineers are out of the way.

    FYI, the big influences here are Urgent Fury, a Victory Games box game called "Central American Wars" and any writing by PJ O'Rourke ("Holidays in Hell", "Republican Party Reptile")set South of the Rio Grande.

    Irqan - thats an affirmative!