Friday, 29 June 2012

Freikorp you know the score!

Remember back in March I mentioned I had started a new Freikorp project? Well I made quite fast progress and have finished enough figures for a few units.I just need to finish the bases, paint on loads of swastikas and do the heavy weapons. I also need to think about the opposition. I don't want the Freikorp to fight other WW1 Germans as it would look too boring. So I was thinking maybe some armed sailors or civilians. One of the guys in the club has a stash of German model railway building so I can see this becoming a game pretty soon. 

For rules we will use our ubiquitous 38 rules adapted from  the Foundry Old West set. They give a simple fast game and stats are available online for just about every AFV of the era. We actually used these rules for a 79 game involving geezers, terrorists, armed police and army patrols and they worked very well. You just have to keep things simple.



  1. How far out do you want your Freikorp to go? Can they fight Red Insurgents, or Very British Civil War Brits or Russian or Polish Interwar forces?

    Is Jerry Cornelius going to show up with a group from the End of Time to put the clocks right again?

  2. You could have all sorts of Polish and Baltic scraps as well

  3. Hi, The plan is to have straightforward Freikorp games against Communists, baltic separatists and Poles. But you never know what might happen.