Friday, 1 June 2012

Creating a Rebel Cadre

Organising my forces for playing the Top Malo House game on Wednesday, it occurred to me... the 19 Royal Marine Mountain & Artic Warfare Cadre including an L4 (Bren), sniper and pair of GPMGs with the right choice of figures, not only provides a historical force for the Falklands, but gives you a very nice Rebel force for Winter of '79.

So let's look at the organisation:

  • 1x Leader, w/M16A1
  • 1x Signaller, w/SLR
  • 1x Platoon Sergeant, w/M16A1 & M79

  • 1x Section Leader, w/M16A1
Fireteam Alpha
  • 1x Fireteam Leader w/SLR
  • 1x Grenadier w/M16A1 and M79
  • 1x Rifleman with w/M16A1
  • 1x Rifleman w/SLR
Fireteam Bravo
  • 1x Fireteam Leader w/SLR
  • 1x Gunner w/L4 LMG (Bren)
  • 1x Rifleman with w/M16A1
  • 1x Rifleman w/SLR

  • 1x Section Leader, w/M16A1 & M72 LAW
Support team Alpha
  • 1x Fireteam Leader w/SLR & M72 LAW
  • 1x Grenadier w/M16A1 and M79
  • 1x Gunner w/ GPMG
Support team Bravo
  • 1x Fireteam Leader w/M16A1 & M72 LAW
  • 1x Gunner w/ GPMG
  • 1x Sniper w/ L42A1 Sniper Rifle
There's a slightly different composition in the scenario on page 182 of Force on Force from Ambush Alley Games, but I found this one elsewhere and am happy with it for my purposes.

Now, the first thing we notice, is that it provides us with something that is tactically radically different from the 1979-80 regular army platoon structure we can expect from the Government Forces, eg 3 sections each of 8 men including a GPMG. It also stamps itself with the identity of being an unconventional force, for it's time. On the gaming table it is well suited to ambushes, raids and going toe to toe with a regular infantry platoon in a stand up fight.

We can create something similar to the Cadre organisation at Top Malo with a minimum of purchases from RH Models (Liberation Miniatures):
  • SASFALKSQU: FALKLANDS ERA SAS - 6 w/M16A1, 2 w/CAR 15 - Mixed headgear
  • SASFALKSUP: As above: 2 w/GPMG , 2  w/BREN, 4 w/M16/M203 
  • OZSAS: 9 SAS , Mixed weapons (M16A1,SLR,AND M79), Mixed headgear
  • SASFALKSUP: As above: 2 w/GPMG , 2  w/BREN, 4 w/M16/M203
  • Sniper figure/s of your choice from the range available.

For a more distinct Cadre look, (Royal Marine or Welsh regiments cadre within rebel Welsh rebel forces) add some figures in berets. The simplest way being to use the smaller packs of signallers or machine gunners available from Rolf.

If you want a more Durruti style armed populace feel to your unit, replace a few of the suggested SAS figures with some of the many choices of armed civilians that are also available from Rolf's ranges. This will provide that more urban civilian resistance look. Choose figures with AKs and similar Soviet Bloc kit for a more Marxist or Communist edge.

Of course you can mix and match figures from various manufacturers ranges as you see fit, but as a one stop shop, RH Models (Liberation Miniatures) provides you with all this plus more options than I've listed here. The figures in my photo at the top of the page and indeed my own M&AWC are all ex-Hotspur figures. I'm very fond of them but the overall range is limited.

Personally, I suggest a core force created as M&AWC for Top Malo with enough armed civilian options to change the character or supplement the force as required. And of course you can always turn things round, where your cadre are government Special Forces or local Home Guard and the regulars or armed civilians are rebels.

With less than 20 figures, you can begin your own rebellion, Winter of '79 style and still have a force that can play more historical or hypothetical Cold War conflicts down the club.


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