Thursday 8 September 2011

Operation Angel Watch

Sgt Price, 
As you are aware, we are planning to erect a permanent observation tower at Borchester Abbey. A meeting is taking place on site, this Wednesday, 7th at 1100hrs between the local contractors and some Royal Engineer bods who will be overseeing the construction.

The Intelligence boys have been on the ball for once. They've gotten wind of a plan by local extremists to kidnap the contractors and / or kill the army personnel. Also, looks like the word is out amongst the locals and a demonstration against the work is likely to take place. We've nobbled the bus company so don't expect more than 20-30 civilians to be involved.

The Borchester Youth Front are behind the plan. Expect 4-6 Tangos armed with hand guns, shotguns and possibly a sub machinegun.

At your disposal are Red Team - yourself, Gaz, Baz, Daz and Blue Team - Ginge, Mac, Mick, Taff


You are to plan an operation that will safeguard the civilian contractors and army personnel.


Intent - Neutralise any demonstration of armed force by whatever means necessary to achieve the mission and minimise civilian casualties  

Scheme - Prevent Contractors and army personnel being taken prisoner or harmed by armed terrorists.


Transport will be available to insert you into grid reference 1348776 at 01:22hrs. Pickup and policing details to follow once you have formulated a plan.

Good Hunting.
Major Lucan

This was emailed to Maff before the game and he had a fun distraction from work whilst devising his plan. In the end he opted for a Q Car tactic. I don't know why, but he grants me with far more sneaky bastard than I actually am, and felt the Q Car trick, replacing the RE personnel and Contractors with suitably washed and scrubbed SAS troopers would foil any evil intent I had up my sleeve.....



  1. Nice one, remember to repeat the mission twice!

  2. Vary cinematic.

  3. Well, is Mark a sneaky b'stard? Nah, not really, but he does a good line in tough games where there is always a bit of friction to embugger things. Hence my caution, no, hence my paranoia.

    Repeat it twice? I read it about 5 times. I took my gaming alter ego Sgt Price over to coffee mania and came up with several plans over a chai. Not quite the same as a chinese parliament in the basha but you work with what you got. Plan A was a good old fashioned ambush which was binned as I didnt know where the ambush had to be. So, how to achieve objectives? i could protect the builders simply by them not being there - and so the Q Car plan was born. It changed a bit as Mark fed me info -the RE were invited but didnt want to play, so their landy got loaded with troopers instead. and so the final plan was - put up some sniper/OPs overnight, Q cars drive up, try to spot the ambush and get the retaliation in first. I didnt think it was going to be easy.....