Sunday 30 October 2011

Card Stock Abergavennygrad

My inner city setup has hit a bit of a wall. This has been caused by a combination of having to keep my monthly gaming budget in check (especially whilst on half pay), some items not being in stock at Model Zone, but perhaps more importantly, nice as they are, the fiddliness involved in constructing the Metcalfe buildings. This means that I've only completed a third of them and still have the conversions to complete. I'm now looking at being realistic in my expectations and turning this into a project to bring about during the Christmas and New Year break.

In the meantime, Tony (eBay username tonyatthewillows) has come to the rescue with a range of inexpensive, but effective and crushingly easy to construct card stock buildings. See pictures of just some of his products taken from eBay below:

 OO Terraced Houses from eBayer tonyatthewillows
(bay windows are optional btw)

OO Shops from eBayer tonyatthewillows

OO Tesco from eBayer tonyatthewillows
(great for Zombie games)

The Tesco may be a bit anachronistic for 1979 but still very useful for bringing the main street up to modern times for Zombie outbreaks, Dr Who or near future urban meltdown. It could also be converted without too much effort into a single story Fine Fare.

I've made the most of Tony's currently available range. I love the MacDonalds model, first one in UK was in 1974. I've also laid the seeds with Tony for some additional buildings that will fit into Winter of '79. Plus I've got several of my own conversions in mind to extend the range and variety of this market town/suburban shopping street setup - eg 3 storey tenements with and without shops.

I aim to use Tony's buildings not only as a stand alone gaming environment - whether village, market town or suburban shopping street, but also to expand my planned inner city layout when it's complete to create a much larger urban table.

For look, price and ease of construction, these card stock models from Tony are well worth considering.


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