Sunday, 30 October 2011


I've had my head down at work, whilst Maff's been off playing in the Pembrokeshire hills. It's full tilt in the office, leaving me little spare in the way of mental energy when I get home. It's paid off though as my new team is being expanded to include much needed additional developer resources.

As the team is now up and running, I'm taking a few days break courtesy of the art of delegation. Which means that I can concentrate on gaming and Winter of '79 again this week.

Still waiting for Rolf's upcoming URBMELT SLR figures - the first mould failed - which is frustrating as we are both waiting with baited breath for these figs. Pushing frustration aside Maff and I were able to get together this week to play out the initial attack on Llanover, where Huw Thomas (Tom) Jones, "the only punk in the village" became an overnight hero! I'll blog a full account later.

We also laid out the plan the government assault on Abergavenny(grad). Typically, Im been keeping shy of the Superquick model buildings because they looked too model railway market town - and guess what - bloody Abergavenny IS a market town and the Superquick kits would fit the bill nicely. Oi vey! Plenty of other nice suburban and industrial bits left to fight over though.

With the 30th Falklands anniversary exocetting towards us can I make a please to any manufacturer thinking of releasing a Falklands range. Please, please, please, can we have the sort of poses you'd expect of troops pepper-potting towards Argie entrenchments.

And don't go mad on cold weather caps or padded trousers either - have a separate pack with those guys as variants. I want to be able to use my Falklands Paras and Marines as Cold War mech inf in BAOR or on patrol in NI bandit country.

Maff gave me his spare Platoon 20 Falkland era Brits. All based and undercoated. Thanks mate. I'll get those painted over the next day or so to fill out the remaining slots amongst my government Paras.


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  1. Thanks for the up date, you were spoiling us for a bit with your AARs and I really look forward to them. Nice to hear that work is going smoothly also. Keep it up..