Saturday 1 October 2011

Free Taffs in closeup

There was a request from Christopher for a better picture of the CAF figures from our most recent game; they are of course up in sunny Kincardineshire but here, at no extra charge are some Free Taffs who I suspect are some of the same ex-Hotspur figures. These are the very lads who gave the SAS a bit of a suprise on the road to Llandeilo back in a very early W79 game

Back row left to right, Royal Marine M&AWC, Falklands SAS x2 - the one on the right is allegedly wearing a fashionable blue parka and is in fact the character figure of Commandant Owen Owens, the one man headshead of the Armed Forces of Free Wales.

Front left, M&AWC with "66" but cut about a bit and painted as an M79, another SAS.

A very eclectic collection of kit, weapons etc and probably equipped a bit too good for the Free Taffs at this point in the Winter of '79. That said, at that time these guys were the only Free Taffs in every way. Their berets are a greyier shade of green, not the dark, almost Royal Marine green beret that my later Free Taffs wear. If you think of Wales, you may think of red for the Dragon but that colour is already taken by a rather possessive group of gentlemen from Aldershot who have highly aggressive tendencies.........

Once finished, I'll put the rest of the Free Taffs on parade, along with their Royal Marine allies, plus the now famous Free Taff gunned up Dingo scout car and a chap with an M16 and a ranger cap who is apparently an "advisor" and who anwers to "Clint".



  1. Thanks! I cant wait to see more of the Free Taffs and bootnecks

  2. Hi Mark, MasterChef and MajorMIke,

    I've just spent a good part of the weekend reading through your winter of 79 blog and it's really inspirational. So much so that I've just spent a rather unhealthy sum of time and money on terrain and diecast vehicles on ebay! I had a couple of questions:

    1) Are any of you active on the lead adventure forum? I've just started an account as "Saragarhi" and would be interested in getting in touch by PM or email to exchange ideas etc.

    2) I've downloaded the cold war 1983 rules and they look interesting based on a read through. I was wondering whether you have any house rules and whether you could clarify the concussion and fragmentation grenade rules. Perhaps as a blog post or via PM on LAF (see above).



  3. Hi Andy

    Thanks for the compliment! I've PM'd you via the Lead Adventure Forum. Happy to hear from you and exchange ideas.

    Cold War:1983 allow us to play fast paced flexible games and the Critical Results system is key to this. A future blog post or two with our 'House Rules' is a good idea.

    Grenades in brief. They can be thrown /rolled up to 40m if you are counting or more usually for us, up to the span of a hand laid on the table. For concussion use the Machine-gun Burst and for Frags use the Burst table if in the open and Heavy Machine-gun Burst table if enclosed space.

    We treat a Critical Failure as a grenade being fumbled, falling short, bouncing back or similarly putting the thrower at risk. Use the Weapons Malfunction table for result. 5 or 6 Kill. Everyone else in 15m rolls as per grenade type above with normal modifiers.