Friday 23 March 2012

Crimea river!

Sorry nothing at all to do with the 79 campaign. I am struggling to whip up enthusiasm at the local club. But hopefully there will be a cold war game in the next few weeks. Meanwhile I am starting a few other projects in 20mm.

A mate of mine called Disco Dave only collects 20mm plastics. In a fit of enthusiasm last year I offered to collaborate on a project with him. There was a few reasons for this. For One I thought that the plastic figures are nice and cheap. Two it fits in with my plan to move all my gaming into 20mm. I find them easier to paint than 15s and much cheaper and more realistically proportioned than 28s. Anyway after a couple of tester games of Blackpowder we decided on the Crimean war. He would do British while I would do French and we would both provide Russian Brigades. The only fly in the ointment is that the French plastics are horrendous. The only decent pack are the StreltsR line infantry. I struggled through a couple of battalions and started looking round for metals. I discovered the Jack Scruby figs in the states and placed an order. I haven't heard anything back yet so watch this space.

I did however notice the Tumbling Dice Crimean range. They only do Brits and Russians so I ordered a brigade of Russians from them. They are lovely clean cast figures. Just a smidgin of flash round the odd bayonet. They are now single piece castings apart from the command. Previously the heads were supplied seperately requiring some drilling and glueing. I finally got them undercoated yesterday so am hoping for some speedy painting over the weekend.

Along with the Crimea I am also starting a Freikorp skirmish project. I bought a load of plastics and one of the excellent Lancer miniatures discount pack. Just looking for some figures to represent the Red menace. I am thinking a quick paint job and then some fast and furious skirmishing.


  1. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the Freikorps project. Look at Frontline Wargaming as they have the old IT figures WW1 lines.

  2. Hopefully we will have some progress on the Freikorp stuff in the next day or so. The idea is to run this project in tandem with the Crimea. When painting large units like the Russians it's always good to have a wee project that you can just dip in and out of. Sort of breaks up the monotony.
    I would have started the Freikorp tonight but am drinking Red wine and salsa dancing with the wife in the kitchen instead.

  3. Im tempted by the Crimea myself and funnily whilst away, I found and read CRIMEA: The Great Crimean War 1854-1856 by Trevor Royale, which had been left at the hotel by a previous guest. Good read and a great introduction to the period for the intinerant wargamer.

    Passing over Varna and the Black Sea on the return trip seems to be some sort of wargaming kismet.

    Northstar 28s look OK and at least they are pushing out what appears to be a full range. Warlord arent really trying and simply toying with the period, whilst Foundry are a bit limited right now.

    Will keep on my radar though.