Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Que Pasa, hombre?

No, not an Old West posting.......Mr Anon asked a very valid question regarding W79 and so.....the following statement has been cleared by the Army Council to be so news free that it may be published:

"To be honest, both mark and I hit the wall in the last quarter of 2011; I've not commented about my job and frankly dont want to but you can see from his postings that Mark's job has run him ragged.

We both found it easier to natter about W79, 15mm WW2, colonial skirmish even 15mm fantasy, than to actually get gaming. I bought my argies in late Jan and simply put them in the box marked "paint:sometime".

As to what is happening.......well, we suprised each other really, we are both in it for the fun and banter but I think our strategies and tactics surprised each other - my quite cold blooded approach hid a nigh psychotic Celtic fury while Mark's easy going nature slipped to reveal the bastard RSM he'd have been if he'd stayed in.

And we want to get W79 right, harnessing our gaming alter egos to the right games - that tell the story of W79 and not just a thinly veiled brits vs warpact game. As an example, think of Alan Tate's story arc - that's become a bit more to us than a simple shootout. By the end were were actually talking it through like a movie scene - call or email us, Guy! We burnt ourselves out a bit, work didn't help and thus - nothing got done.

That's what's happened and the current diversions are part of the process, clearing our minds and simply having a laugh with Zulus and Runequest or whatever.




  1. As those bally colonials across the water would say "I feel ya, bro!"

    Sometimes the work/life thing gets completely out of whack leaving no energy for the important stuff - gaming!

    Sometimes the gaming muse, fickle conniving bitch that she is, just doesn't sprinkle her magic dust where you want her to and you find yourself endlessly fascinated by the War of Jenkins Ear, or the Colorado Coalfield War, or something equally obscure that you just HAVE to play a game of, right now.

    I too miss the ongoing narrative of the Winter of 79, and hope the magic dust lands there for you soon, but if it ain't there it ain't there. You guys have fun refreshing the gaming palette with Filibusters and Falklands, and come back to '79 when you're ready. If Mr Nonymous doesn't like it, he can always ask for his money back!

  2. I Agree with Vr. V.
    The winter of 79' background is vary well thought out and we can all tell that you both have put lots of time and effort into making it what it is today.

    Some times life just gets in the way, and we all need other distractions from time to time.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Frankie, unfortunatley I accidently removed the comment instead of replying to it.


  4. Thank you Gents, much appreciated support; good to hear somone else like Geezers, Frankie - that fuelled much of the early Flying Squad games