Monday 12 March 2012

Dragons Pass

No, not a referance to rugby (I could regret that one next weekend) but instead a diversion into the world of Runequest. It wont last long, honest.

I just managed two brief playtests of my ultra light RQ homage rules. Pics follow:

Humakti Runelord and Orlanthi Initiate take on three Broo - the adventurers won but only after the Humakti used his Runepower to reroll his misses....

The Hukmakti doing what they do best - killing Lunars! No, taking on the Undead. In this game I found that as the Runelord had an iron sword, if he hit the skeletons, they were gone. It fits the image of the Humakti.

Its a D10 based distillation of RQ - I presume shields and so penalise those without one; a hit is rolled for location and the figures armour (WYSIWYG) taken into account. Iron weapons are better than bronze (I think the Troll lead stuff will be intermediate).

A figure has a Runegoon Rating (Goonquest is already in use, annoyingly) which is their chance to hit but is NOT like Bottle. Wounds? 1-3 per figure. Each figure can have a trait or several; as an example, the Runelord had an Iron sword, a one use Rune and was Fearless - ignoring all morale implications. Each cult has a slightly different trait table.

Its still in my moleskine, I may type it up - if you are interested let me know and I'll post it up.

And now, normal W79 service will be resumed.




  1. what happened to Winter of 79, day 1 of the invasion of wales didn't appear, but day 2 did, then nothing.

    just what is going on ?

  2. They look like the old GW Runequest miniatures from the early 80's. The Broo certainly are.

    Thanks for a wonderful trip down nostalgia lane. Rune Quest third ed remains one of my favorite RPG's, although RQ purists used to call me a heretic because of it. Now that Mongoose has done it's hatchet job on the system (twice), the purists don't seem to mind my love of 3rd so much. They have something else to rant about now.

  3. Yep, those are vintage Citadel pre slotta RQ figures. The Broo were bought at the time in FC Parkers gameshop in Cardiff - a great FLGS which was deep sixed by the arrival of You Know Who. I picked up the adventurers on ebay and even have An Aggressive Aardvark figure for Cerebus the errr Aardvark. I have a couple of Dragonnewts (and lizardmen) as well as a handfull of Trolls. For Lunars (ick spit) I have Foundry Sea People Mercenaries and a Roman Centurion with crescent shield.

    I'm a 1st Ed, 2nd reprint, RQ fan - once AH got their fangs into it, it was dead. Eldorad? Griffin bloody ISLAND? C'mon Griffin Mountain was classic. I'm avoiding Mongoose on grounds of principle.

    I think that the newer HeroWars stuff is the direction Greg Stafford really wanted and if you notice, the Sartarites are much more celtic, the Lunars (see above) more graeco-romano-late roman than ever. That makes the "Greek Adventurer" look of the Citadel minis an absolute vintage snapshot.

    Thanks for the kind words, I'll type it up.



    1. Goods news! I really like to see what you've come up with. I'm drooling with neny over your list of original RQ figures, by the way.

    2. In fact, I'm so envious I apparantly can't even spell the word.