Wednesday 21 March 2012


My apologies from the start; this is thoroughly off W79 topic, so far off message that not even Alastair Cambell or Malcolm Tucker could rein it in.

Here is my ultra simple RQ homage gamelet:

Ruinquest - An attempt at a fast and dirty set of rules for fighting monsters in Dragon Pass.

Are equipped WYSIWYG (unless one has a ring or similar not modelled item).
The only stat is RuneFight which is the figures original RQ best weapon skill divided by 10.
Each figure has 1-3 wounds.
Weapons and armour are classed bronze, lead (for Trolls) or iron (with none or leather armour).

A figure has to roll equal or less than it's RF on a D10. This is modified:
Target has no shield -2 drm
Backstabbing -2 drm
Per targets parry -1 drm
Figures with 10+ RF may make either one attack or two (at half RF each)
1 always misses
10 always hits

If hit roll for location:
12 legs
34 lower torso
56 upper torso
78 arms
9 10 head
This is modified
-3 duck or short creature attacking or foot vs mounted
+3 very tall creature attacking or mounted vs foot

If the location is armoured, then the damage roll is modified:

Wpn / armour none leather bronze lead iron
Bronze. +1. 0 0 1. -1
Lead. +1. +1. 0 0 -1
Iron. +2 +1. +1. 0 0

Damage roll 1d6

1 2 no damage
3 4 1 wound
5 6 2 wounds
-1 if target has dodge, as per weapon/armour above

Wounds, traits etc

Wounds are allocated:
Rabble 1
Warrior/soldier/Initiate 2
Runelord / Runepriest 3

Each cult has a different table to roll on; initiates roll once, Runepriests twice and Runelords three times but Priests have an additional free Rune. This may produce an initiate with a rune or a Runelord without one. The former is lucky and has been given a gift by the Cult, the latter will have a few skill bonuses to reflect a shedload of battlemagic - or he has just used the Rune and so there.

Humakt - Defenders against the Undead. Vowed Bodyguards. Cannot be resurrected.
Special rule - undead do not cause fear / morale test
1 extra wound or parry
2 +1 to damage roll
3 +1 to damage vs undead
4 Geas - 2 additional wound but ignore armour on one location.
5 iron sword or armour
6 Death Rune

Orlanth - heroic adventuring pseudo tribal freedom fighters
Special rule - hate lunars +1 on damage roll vs lunars (not lunar allies)
1 dodge
2 hurl spear
3 +1 damage
4 additional wound
5 Iron sword / armour
6 Thunder or wind Rune

Storm Bull - Chaos hating berserkers
Hate chaos +1 damage vs chaos
1 -1 DRM to hit chaos
2 +1 damage
3 +1 wound
4 dodge
5 iron weapon or armour
6 Storm Rune

Broos - goat headed chaos beasties

+1 if a Leader type figure
1 spit acid
2 +1 wound
3 cause fear
4 -1 on damage rolls vs this broo
5 cause disease
6 Parry
7 mark of chaos - treat as a rune

Kyger Litor - Troll Warriors
Special rule not affected by darkness
1 +1 wound
2 + 2 wound
3 +1 damage
4 parry
5 Lead armour or weapon
6 Darkness Rune

Zorak Zoran - Chaos hating Troll warriors
Special rules - hate chaos, not affected by darkness
1 +1 wound
2 +1 damage, +2 vs chaos
3 dodge
4 cause fear
5 lead armour or weapon
6 darkness rune or death rune

Trollkin - spearcarriers, arrow fodder, food
Special rules - afraid in sunlight +2 drm
1 +1 wound
2 dodge
3 dodge
4 not afraid of sunlight
5 very small
6 Hero Trollkin. Not afraid of sunlight, roll on either Troll table

Ducks - short arsed psychopaths
Roll as orlanthi or humakti. Small. 456 chance of fearless

Lunars - Graeco-Roman bad guys
special rule - Hail The Reaching Moon, count weapons and armour as iron if inside Glowline.
Special rule - Hail Moonson, leader may invoke the Red Moon once a game, all fig -1 drm to hit and +1 to wound that turn 1fearless
2 +1 wound
3 +1 damage
4 -1 drm attacking orlanthi / humakti
5 iron weapon / armour
6 Moon Rune

Dragonewts - Not quite Lizard men, not quite Dragons. Approach with caution.
Special rule - mystical, no fear, may move 6" instantly once per game
1 +1 wound
2 dodge
3 parry
4 two weapons ( one extra attack at half RF)
5 draconic weapon or armour - treat as iron
6 draconic magic - treat as Rune or mystic move

Runepriests have one rune automatically
A rune can be used to reroll any dice roll once per rune or the following effect:

Death - destroys an undead figure of lower RF or free roll on damage
Thunder- 12" range attack - auto damage roll Storm - cause fear on chaos or damage roll up to 6" range Darkness - causes darkness!
Light - causes sunlight or a attack on a darkness creature as per thunder Chaos - random rune from above Moon - ditto some believe the Red Moon is a chaos cult in disguise

Hurl spear / spit acid allows figure to attack at norm RF up to 6" away Figs armed with bow or sling attack at normal RF up to 12" away

Movement. I presume 4" or 4 squares move, a fast figure may move 6 Initiative. Roll d6 per side, highest wins and moves or attacks first. Allow a bonus to an advantaged side eg ducks in swamp or water, trolls in darkness

Non trolls in darkness attack at +2 drm

This is a rough idea - hope you like it.

Normal service should now be resumed.



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