Thursday 13 February 2014

Benelli - post op pics and action close ups!

Leaked footage from an unidentified recon drone reveals ISOF SF in action......
The Kholkarzi before it all kicks off
ISOF in position to jump off - Zulu at the N, Blue in the S. Soap and Price in the middle
ISOF start to make their way across the beet fields....Blue slot a tango by the hedge
Zulu get into a bit of bother with a sentry.....
As Chrissie Hynde would say, "Here come the dogs, grrrr woof woof!"
Igor the sentry faces down Zulu team, brave lad....
It all goes LOUD, LOUD, LOUD. Militia pile out of the buildings
Capt Price gets stuck into the militia with brutal results....
Meanwhile Blue team tangle with more militia
Militia leg it as Blue sweep forward.....
More militia hoof it across the beets and move up behind the farm.....
One of these guys has a MANPAD, honest, he's just out of the picture....
Piotr and Joern stack up quick and clear the potato shed
Baz and Chaz cover the flank while Daz and Gaz flash bang the farmhouse and pile one home
The far end of the farm, militia are firing at ISOF and the chap with the Grail is listening for a clatter of rotors...
FLASH-BANG!! Bang-Bang! Capt Price nails the gunman and secures Benelli
The MANPAD is ready to go and the helo is inbound. Soap, just up the lane draws a bead and readies his UGL. Threat removed....
Exfil. Blue takes point while Soap and Price cover Benelli; Leif carries Ron while Piotr and Leif bring up the rear. Home for tea and medals. As the pics show, this was a riot of a game which really went back to its Ghost Recon / CODMW roots. The SWATTERS/SAGGERS engine ran smooth with most of it from memory (apart from the result of a triple when shooting...). Man of the match? That crazy stubborn sentry for stuffing it all up; Piotr and Joern for clearing a building in a turn flat on the spur of the moment; Price for wiping a squad single handed and securing Benelli (I decided if he didn't win big time, the gunman would pull the trigger) and Soap for taking the shot on the MANPAD team. Cheers Maff


  1. Great game mate. Looks like the final mission in COD: MW3! Like the Price figure. Very impressed.


  2. Thank you Tom; I've not played 3 yet - this was more influenced by The Farm in original Ghost Recon, the one with the crashed jet. The Price figure is one of Elhiems seemingly endless SF range. I took one look and knew who it had to be painted as. Mark has asked if I can run it again next week for him, so I will need to put a bit of a spin on it; perhaps my freshly painted Trebizond Meerkat SF team can make an appearance.

  3. Hey Maff, looking forward to it