Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Benelli Rescue - Soap reminisces...

Soap recalls:

"Yeah, Benelli. That was a good one. We dropped off the helo and split - ZULU, the NATO lads, to the N, Red to the S. Me and the Boss took the middle as a reserve. The lads in Red had had a quick curry and had gone down with sudden D&Vs so we were short handed.

Blue sneaked over the beet field and Chaz spotted this tango bimbling our side of the hedge. He got banjoed nice and silent. Zulu meanwhile had walked into LOS of another sentry - Ron nailed him and moved up, except the joker got back up having played possum.

Meanwhile Daz hears this "grrrrrrrr" and a pair of bloody half rabid mastiff ridgeback crosses come charging out of the hedge. We all open up - still suppressed - and give em their bob martins. Rons tango however gets a shout off before they can slot him.

That's when it all got a bit loud.

Two squads of NH boiled out of the farmhouses. We give them a good brassing up and Piotr and Joern steamed up to the little outhouse and cleared it. This couple of tangos come around the corner but the Boss banjoes them no sweat.

Blue team move up to the hedge and engage these guys coming from the far house - I join in and they go to ground.

Zulu decide to press on and sweep the N of the farm but run into a new bunch of NH and Ron goes down. The other lads keep up the good work and the NH get the message.

To the south blue team split - Baz and Gaz put fire out at some tangos that are moving up from the area of the RV while Chaz and Daz stack up and clear the building. No bloody Benelli. I noticed that one of these new jokers has a sodding STRELA and in the distance there's a faint WOKKA WOKKA. So I take him out and his chums. The Boss, draws the obvious conclusion that Benelli is in the remaining house and is probably under the gun already, so he piles in, flash bang through the window and slots this NH spetsnatz wannabe who's about to give Benelli a bit of inner ear surgery.

Result, RV clear, Benelli secure and Leif carrying Ron to the helo, torn playboy I think, he's off the next op anyway. Mines a large Jack, nice one cheers!

Capt Price: not a bad op really, Zulu got a bit carried away and Ron almost got chopped but we lifted Benelli and wrote off a lot of NH manpower. Box reckons they're going to have to merge with their rivals, the National League of Honour who think they're splitters. Doesn't bode well eh? My main worry was that those reinforcements were in regular kit and DID have a MANPAD. So Box was right; we let him out of the basement for an hour so was happy . I'll have a theakstones, cheers!

So that's a result for ISOF. Mark was stuck in a train so I went for it solo - lots of randomly ambling sentries and a question - what does a TRIPLE do in shooting in SWATTERS? Answer - clear the area!!

Pics to follow, Cheers


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