Monday, 10 February 2014

The Benelli Rescue: Briefing

Soap: Right lads, here's the set up.

The NH are holding Benelli somewhere at Kholkazi 161, a former collectivised farm. A helo can drop teams off to the N and  SW giving fairly well covered approaches to the target across beet fields with scattered trees. On recovery of Benelli or if it all goes to ratshit, RV for extraction is to the SE where a line of trees gives cover from the target. Box has updated his intel on NH and has concluded that they have better connections than previously suspected - so some MANPADS may be on site. That's made the crabs nervous, so make a crab happy and slot any tangos with a Grail, right? 

We are deploying a brick against each of the two buildings in the farm and one brick back as a reserve. Call signs are Uptown, Midtown and Downtown with four serials to each. Draw your favoured kit but each brick needs one MOE as a minimum; any longs take a 203. Me and the Boss with Dud and Pete will be midtown;  Gaz, your lot are Uptown, Leif, your guys are Downtown. Midtown is the reserve; the Boss is on the secure line getting some top cover- Ron, get in there and work the phone with him. Piotr and Joern - run through the usual rural greetings with everyone. If saying "hey, goat boy" gives you a second to slot a tango its worth it.

Any questions? No? Right, lets run through it again before a final kit check."

Ron: HOO-AH!

Joern: You can do that, Ron, if the flash bangs are not working? 

Plan is to play this one out Wednesday evening, Skype willing.......



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