Wednesday, 5 February 2014

There's a Welcome in the Hillsides

The farmhouse at Hendre Faen Uchaf is suspected to be the LUP for a series of SAS patrols pushing into the Black Mountains. A Free Taff SF team has observed it covertly from a distant sheep pen for several days and an assault party has been formed to eliminate the LUP, isolate any SAS on patrol so they may be tracked and thus remove the threat.
 Hendre Faen Uchaf

The Free Taff force is now ready to jump off.

Meanwhile, SAS teams are still in the field and may be drawn to the sound of action. The game is played with our digested, mangled, spat out, rebuilt then do it all over again version of SWATTERS from Ganesha Games.

Government Forces

Headshead Team 3 figs, shooters, CQB, steadfast Q3 in farmhouse
Brick A - shooters, 4 figures, CQB, steadfast Q3
Support team - 3 figures, treat as missile launcher, CQB, steadfast
Plus Brick B as Brick A

Elements other than Headshed set up anywhere within farm environs up to 6" from farm.  They are visible if in LOS but nature of unit cannot be determined.
One unit CAN be concealed but if so, the Headshed start in the farmhouse shed faffing about with a broken down landrover.

Wandering SAS team - as Brick A above. Will appear either on random chance from a random direction or from fixed point within a 1-3 turn time frame if triple Activation dice rolled.

Free Taff Forces

Sniper OP Q4sniper
Off table with LOS on front of farm and yard

HQ Element - 4 figs, Q3, shooters, leadership - one adjacent team acts as Q3
Support team - 3 figs, Q4, treat as missile launcher
Rifle Team 1 - 5 figures, Q4, shooters
Rifle Team 2 -  5 figures, Q4, shooters

 Free Taff SF support team.....ready up
RH Models

Optional Additional Forces:

Gun group 1 - 3 figs, Q4, treat as missile launcher
Assault Group 1 - 5 figures Q3, small arms, CQB, stealth - -1 to shoot at if they only move once an activation


SAS repulse the attack, inflict heavy losses
FREE TAFF either take the farm OR cause heavy losses

Losses are an objective here as both sides see the opposition as a valuable enemy asset and this as an opportunity to achieve an ascendancy over the other.

The Game

Fully illustrated After Action Report tomorrow night.


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