Tuesday 14 September 2010

Operation Dyno-rod: The Reaction

 "Downing Street have issued a statement in connection with the events at East Whittington Town Hall. Speaking to jthe press gathered outside No. 10 this evening, Mrs Thatcher declared:"

"Rejoice. Rejoice!
We will not tolerate terrorism. 
We will never negotiate. 
We will not forgive!"

Labour peer Lord, Baron, Viscount Rochester, Shadow Secretary for Employment responded to Mrs Thatcher's statement:

"The actions of the government in this sad affair has demonstrated that the Tory Party are little more than the political wing of the SAS. Ordinary working men like myself are appalled at the heavy handed action and summary execution metered out to those who chose to oppose the government in power".

 "Meanwhile, youths across the country have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the death of Claire Dixby."

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