Saturday 11 September 2010

Operation Dyno-Rod

" Good evening. We are interrupting Top Of The Pops with important news from East Whittington"

"This is Bob Langley live at East Whittington. There has just been an explosion, followed by several shots; there were then a series of smaller explosions with more shooting - which is still going on; I can clearly here an almost constant level of firing coming from the Hall. Are you picking it up on the mike? Yes, you should be be hearing the shooting as well. Its stopped now and we should be .. .no there it goes again, more shooting in the Hall and a quite final sounding shot or two there and it's gone quiet. Now I can hear ambulances heading this way. Something has happened, something very dramatic indeed....I can see DCI Hacker, a man in a grey suit and an army officer heading this way. We have an anouncement I think....

 East Whittington Town Hall
"As you know I am DCI Hacker; at 7.15 this evening communications with the terrorists broke down and shots were fired within the Town Hall. A body could be seen in the lobby. Control of the situation was passed to the Army. Brigadier Wallis has a short statement."

"Thank you. Following the transfer of control from the Civil Power, a well rehearsed and prepared plan was put into action to negotiate the release of the hostages by direct action. This was called Operation Dyno-Rod. A number of teams from the Special Air Service Regiment accessed the Hall at various points; resistance was met and dynamically overcome. One hostage was shot by the terrorists and one trooper was fatally wounded. Apart from one prisoner, all the terrorists were neutralised. Control has now been passed to the Civil Power - I will hand you over to Mr McTavish of the Home Office" 

"Tangos Down!"
"Brigadier, I would like to add some detail to the situation. Fourteen terrorists had taken control of the Town Hall; there were 43 hostages - many of whom were council employees. One was murdered by the terrorists prior to Operation Dyno-rod and another was shot before the SAS breached the room where many of the hostages were held. I believe DCI Hacker has some final words...."

"Yes, There will of course be an inquest into all the deaths this evening and I'm going to stamp out any speculation - yes, Miss Claire Dixby was one of the terrorists. Her precise role isnt clear she may well have been one of the ringleaders along with Richard "Rik" Parslow, the leader of "Red Spike". I'd like to thank the Brigadier and his lads for a job well done."

This is Bob Langley at East Whittington for BBC1 News"

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