Friday 25 November 2011

Posh Pads Up West


"It can be a hard life on the mean streets. But a boy can make good. Go up west. Get a pad. Buy class."

Maybe the revolution starts here or spills over into middle England.

Everything you see here for £20 from Card Models.

A great way to end this week.



  1. Can I ask, how sturdy are these buildings once complete? From the look of the how-to video, the cardstock they're printed on isn't that heavy.. maybe 90-100gsm. I'm wondering how they'll stand up to repeated play.

    I've been a big fan of cardstock building terrain for a long time, but generally buy PDFs, which 1) allow you to print up replacements and 2) let you produce buildings for smaller scales by scaling the printout.

    Most of the time I've treated cardstock buildings as a disposable resource - if they last 3-4 games then it's a good return on the time taken to build them. I've only recently started building them around a foamcore frame in the hope of making them a little more sturdy and a little more permanent. Whether the longer build time will be worth it remains to be seen. Are you re-inforcing your buildings at all?

    Really can't wait to see these streets in action!

  2. Hi

    The buildings are sturdy enough for a model railway layout or convention game. For our week to week needs where they are moved on and off tables, taken to the club or a fellow gamers house, then I suggest reinforcing them. I reinforce ALL my cardstock or pdf buildings. One reason being to prevent the inevitable warping that sees roofs and walls sink inwards. I mostly use scrap card but foamcore as you suggested does provide even more rigidity and stability. Top tip here - go to mobile phone and travel shops. They often get promotional banners that are made from foamcore and then discarded.

    I love how easy these are to put together and a cost vs benefit analysis rates them high in my book.

    Work has become a bit of a battleground itself in the last week, both for Maff and myself, which has impacted on our gaming. Ive had to write reports and draw up porject plans in the evenings because Im spending the day dealing with nonsense.

    So it may be a week or two before I can start gaming with these and show off their true potential.