Sunday 6 November 2011


OK, I admit, I was hoping to have got a lot more done this week, especially on the Winter of '79 front. But I needed the mental downtime more than I realised and we as a couple needed to spend quality time together, as this week was the first opportunity we've had since I've regained my health.

I cleared out my study so that it's now focussed on my main interests going forward and everything is to reach. I've created a spare shelf for Tony's (Tonyatthewillows) OO gauge buildings, so I have somewhere to put them as I make them up and add to the collection. My workbench and gaming table can now be truly left in situ, allowing me to pick things up again at a moments notice.

I'm still experiencing memory issues. It can be frustrating because things just fall into a black hole. With everything in the study now 'in the shop window' so to speak, I'm less likely to forget that I was going to paint this or blog whatever.

By the way, during the course of this week Tony has added a Fish and Chip shop, Chinese Take Away, Indian Take Away, Fire Station and a Police Station to his collection of card kit buildings for sale.

Heather liked Tonys buildings so much, she bought me a Corgi 1:76 Emergency Vehicles set when she was in town, for our Winter of '79 inspired GEEZERS games.

Maff approached me with the idea that we should split responsibility for running our weekly games set in Crisis in Alcovia and Winter of '79. With Maff taking on Alcovia. I'm in DPM heaven with Winter of '79 so the decision suits me to the ground.

This coming week at work I'll be advertising for new team members and spending a couple of days working with my team to develop the plan for the months ahead, plus then write the obligatory reports and appendices. Whilst I expect to be tired when I get home, I think immersing myself with Winter of '79 will encourage me to switch off from work.

eBay increasingly does my head in. Auctions that last 9 days, despite the fact that everyone piles in during the last 5 minutes and the seller wants payment withing 3 seconds of purchase. Anyhoo' searching for a 'cheap' Harrier GR3 kit I came across this made and painted GR1/2 beauty.

 eBay win: 1/72 Harrier

Mine for a fiver.... Well, it just screams Winter of '79, Free Taff Air Force, doesn't it. And on that note with Merlin engines and Men of Harlech, the Taff version of the Ride of the Valkyries, ringing in my ears....we'll pick up the fight for Llanover this week, uncover the Celtic Alliance, and hear Arthur Scargill's stirring speech urging the Yorkshire miners to resist the right wing military oppression of the Emergency Government.



  1. are you going to add some roundels or other type of identifier on the Harrier?

  2. Nah Chris!

    Left as it is. It's Anonymous Air Force (Free Welsh, Scottish Nationalist, Tooting Popular Front).