Sunday 27 November 2011

Streets of London

I came across Road Scene on eBay. They offer a range of vinyl road sections orientated towards the model railway layout hobby, but equally useful for us.

The road sections come in a choice of town black or 'country' grey and are available in a range of sizes from 46mm (N gauge), 66mm (HO) and 76mm (OO). Here is a multi-pack of products, most of which can be bought individually and includes 2x 1m lengths of road.

In my view, 76mm is best for main roads, main streets in a city, dual carriageways etc as an Airfix Land Rover is 12mm wide and a Britannia FV432 is 35mm. The 66m wide road section (which matches Noch) is just a bit nip and tuck though it can be useful for side roads and narrower country roads .

How do they stack up against Scale Scenes downloadable pdf print yerself roads? Well, more expensive obviously, the pack above comes in at around £27, whereas the Scale Scenes pdf is £3.99 (plus your ink, card and or paper).  They are also a bit clean and don't have that used tarmac look of the Scale Scenes roads that you can see in Sapper Joe's photos. However, for durability and low fuss, they may be what you are looking for.

The working day has rolled over into my evenings and even this week's game got put on hold.
And on the positive side...... loads of new buildings from Tony for me to build. Also inspired to start on the small stash of Metcalfe bits I'd built up for my 'Manor' before Tony came on the scene. Half of the Metcalfe to be turned into burnt out homes and shops to add a little Winter of '79 urban meltdown colour when required. So my focus this week will be on my urban terrain.

On a related note, my Winter of Discontent inspired piles of rubbish sacks are coming along slowly. Just about got the scale right now - first dozen sacks were far too big. I've decided to take the clay into the office to work on the sacks at lunchtime so I can actually feel like I've achieved something in the day. I'll photograph the results and put them up on the blog sometime during the week ahead.



  1. Hmm...

    That might be a better deal then the Scale Scenes as they look more workable for changing game boards. While I like the Scale Scenes for my permanent 3'x3' urban board, the card stock roads didn't lay out very well for the other game boards.

    Being self adhesive vinyl, I wonder how well they would stick to 2mm foam sheets and if it would cause that to curl up. Plus, they have roundabouts, which Scale Scenes don't have...hmm

    Excellent find