Monday 21 November 2011


If you build it......some bugger will come along and smash yer face in! Only yesterday I was saying "had to think about rioters" and bam! Time of Discontent kicks in the front door of Winter of 79 with a new range of 1/76 riot figures and much more promised in the pipeline.

Back in 2010 the talented "Whiff Waff" AKA Adam Gayford produced a stunning Riot Cop which he showed on the Lead Adventure Forum.

I'm hoping this guy and his plexi-shield colleagues will be reading the riot act to the rioters (shown above) on my Manor and new urban decay streets come 2012.

Whilst not strictly 1979 or early eighties in appearance, choice currently is very limited and you can't say we haven't asked. So these Time of Discontent minis can only be a positive compromise. You know, depending on the weapon choices they're sculpted with, those riot cops may well find themselves in the Alcovian or Trebizon Polizi.


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  1. Another excellent find, Mark!

    I am really hoping that he releases them for sale. I am always up for a riot, regardless of the period!

    Power to the People!