Tuesday 15 November 2011

St.Scargill Day

"Our fathers and our grand fathers shed their blood to guarantee our freedom. In return they were promised a land fit for heroes. We now live, and if we do nothing, our children will grow up.... not in a land fit for heroes, but in a land run by and run for the benefit of the bosses and the bankers.

 Crowd: "Rayyyyyy......................"

"Look around you brothers. Look to the man next to you. The man behind you. The man inside you...... each one of you a warrior for the working day. Fighting day in, day out, to put food on the table, clothes on your children's backs".

Crowd: "Rayyyyyy......................"

"If we do nothing.......If we slink back to the comfort of our homes, we will become slaves. And we will deserve nothing less. Today, our comrades and brothers in Wales are fighting for their freedom. For their lives. The day has come brothers, either to surrender. Surrender.the security for our childrens' future...or to STAND AND FIGHT!"




  1. Blimey!!!! I remember that..not far up the road from where i used to live.

  2. Looks like the gov forces are going to be stretched pretty thin, with this and the fighting in Wales. What with Celtic nationalism on the rise. Now all you need is some resin that will allow the gov to do limited actions against Ireland to stop them from supplying the "terrorist"

  3. Anyone else starting to think that 'Arfur' might have made a good point .. especially the first one... ?