Monday 14 November 2011

The Scottish Play

"A WHAT George?"

"A Celtic Alliance. It's as clear as day. The do down in Borchester confirms that the IRA are fermenting rogue elements in Cornwall, the Free Taffs obviously and Scots, to join together in a popular armed uprising against the government.

I daresay it could well sweep up every paddy and catholic community in the UK. At the very least it would be a very big pond to hunt the ring leaders....."

15 hours later, behind The Carmichael

"My orders?"

"Get a team together Terry. Only the best. Contractors if you have to. This meeting in Glasgow cannot go ahead. Smash your way in, break some legs, just bring me answers.

The orders tell you to lift the players and hand them over to the civilian powers....You know what to do".


"Melhuish. You knew him in Two Two didn't you? He commands a new troop and they need a blooding. Work with him and at least leave him to think he's in command".

"I'd prefer my lads sir."

"Your recce boys are a bit gung-ho for this. Can't have a bloodbath on Buchanan Street. There's an old firm game fixed to be on. Use it".


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