Thursday 5 January 2012

The rubbish is piling up!

Here's my first foray into sculpting urban scatter terrain from DAS clay. Wins no prizes, and does look better in the flesh, so to speak, but once painted and grunged up will save my pounds for more important things.

Will keep practising and try other techniques, but the results are encouraging given that I'm using DAS clay and a cocktail stick and have expended a total of two hours to create 40+ single bin bags, 4 groups, a sofa and mattress.

The stacks above took maybe 5-6 minutes each. This was because I especially wanted to portray bags that had settled and were squashed by the weight of the bag/s on top. In addition, I wanted to make sure the top ones looked like they had settled naturally. Once I have a couple of stacks that I think look just right, I'll mould and cast them.

The 'sofa' was carved out of a block of a single block of DAS that had started to harden. In the future I'll  make separate arms and then bring the whole thing together once dry.
Above all, the most important thing is that this has been fun!



  1. Hello Mark,

    Sofa, rubbish and mattress look great. In fact I think I had a sofa like that once in my first flat!
    Keep up the terrific work.

  2. Very cool looking.

    If you're doing rubbish, at some point you're going to want a pile of carboard boxes for any gruff northern DCIs who might be passing to drive their Cortina/Quattro through. Have you seen this chap's stuff?
    After the small cases and furniture on the first couple of pages he goes on to do some larger derelict industrial buildings which look quite nasty (in a good way)

  3. Cheers Guys!

    Dr V. Thanks! I have built some of Tommygun's buildings but the boxes and stuff once transferred to 20mm are too fiddly for me. ScaleScenes also have oo scale furniture and discarded electrical appliances, but just too small.


  4. Hello, Mark!

    Sorry to have been quite lately. Happy New Year and excellent stuff there! I really wish I was that talented to sculpt stuff like that. Can't wait to see them painted up and cluttering up the board.


  5. Nice job on the rubbish, I can smell the stench from here!

  6. I think the sofa looks great. As a rubbish piece it doesn't need to be perfect. It's likely waterlogged, rat chewed and just plain broken down.

    Great work here overall.


  7. Mark, send an email and pics of your rubbish over to the Hobby Den. I'm sure Brian would be more then willing to cast these up for you and that way make em available to the general 20mm gaming public? Just a thought.