Sunday 15 January 2012


Radio Check, OK Over......

A tough week back at work with things gearing up again following the Christmas and New Year break. But mostly good news regarding my project and looking forward to the week ahead at work.

I had an external interview later in the week, which in turn has opened other doors for me within my own organisation. All in all, not a lot of energy left over for gaming.

Won some street lights on Ebay for my urban set up. Getting the right ones was really difficult. Eventually an international eBay seller came to the rescue with some 6v single arm 100mm tall lamps. I had previously picked up a few old Merit ones and they are just OK, the Hornby ones are a disgrace given their experience and heritage so left them well alone, and most of what's on the market would either suit Victorian London or just too fancy for a bog standard 1970's street lamp.

Should be back into the swing of things from tomorrow.


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  1. Nice one, I am progressing slowly following the Christmas break, where I did nothing & the miserable return to work... ;)