Monday 12 July 2010

Armoured Land Rovers from BW Models

Barry Wright at B. W. Models produces what must be the most comprehensive range of 1/76 : OO scale white metal models of  military vehicles used by all branches of the British Armed Forces from 1940 onwards. He has some cracking stuff, including armoured Land Rovers that are perfect for Winter of '79.

 B.W. Models: Code BW274
 Land Rover Series 3 LWB VPK Armoured
  (photos courtesy BW Models wesbite. Used with permission)

Not surprisingly, Ulster was the birthplace of the very first "add-on" armour "kits" produced for Land Rovers, which at this time was the Series III model.  Developed in the early 70's both the RUC (BW271 & BW272) and British Army introduced the VPK (Vehicle Protection Kit) consisting of fibre glass panels and clear plastic Makrolon armour to provide additional protection for their Land Rovers.

There's a fantastic article in Soldier Magazine's archive (click here for pdf).

The Army continued improving the original VPK armour to counter the increasingly more common high velocity rounds terrorist groups were now using. In 1980 GKN Sankey produced a new "add-on" armour "kit" of Makrolon and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panels known as HVPK (High Velocity Protection Kit).

B.W. Models: Code BW277
 Land Rover Series 3 LWB HVPK Armoured
  (photos courtesy BW Models wesbite. Used with permission)

This was fitted to standard Army Series III LWB Land Rovers which became effectionally called "Piglets" by their crews. The armour was continually improved with addtional protection to the doors and front being added to the Land Rover 110 (Defender) that replaced the Series III from around 1982 onwards.


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  1. The BW models stuff is lovely and a must have but its a brave man who attempts them. I have had a pig on my workbench for about 2 years. But I am pretty cackhanded.