Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Midshire Mayhem


Further violent scenes in the Borough yesterday as an armed gang staged an armed robbery on the Neville Street branch of the Midshire Bank. As one man guarded the getaway van, three masked men ran into the bank, taking a customer hostage at gunpoint. Local art dealer Brian Sowell saw it all, "well, once the three gentlemen had entered the classical portico of the bank, all was quite still, apart from the screams of course. There was then a most alarming noise as a Jaguar car, driven quite obviously by a man possessed of the demon of speed, braked to a halt. Some urgent gentlemen, some exhibiting most foul ties and alarming sideburns, leapt out of the car - like Leander crossing the Hellespont - and called upon the villain guarding the van to surrender or face the consequences. Sensing that the tranquility of the urban mis-en-scene was to be further ravaged, I went into my shop and drew the curtains."
Events soon escalated - DCI Hacker shouted to the gunmen in the bank to "come out now you bunch of ponces or we'll drag you out by your knackers". At this point shooting could be heard from inside the bank and a gunman ran out of the door, firing a sawn off shotgun at DC Banham who had taken cover behind a cream Morris Minor. DC Banham was unhurt but returned fire, killing the guman instantly.
Uniformed police then arrived at the scene and entered the bank - inside the staff and customers were safe but both gunmen were critically injured, one fatally. DCI Hacker later stated "it seems that the villains fell out, panicked and shot each other. Still, saved us the paperwork".

John Foyle was arrested for attempted armed robbery and taking and driving away a vehicle. He was found not guilty of the former charge and released on bail.

DCI Hacker described himself as "gutted" at the verdict.

Gary Malone was shot by DC Banham.

Ian Naughton was apparently shot by David Cody who is intensive care pending trial.


  1. Hello,

    Was this from using the "Geezers! Shut it!" rules?

    BTW, if anyone can help me, I have some UK road marking questions on my blog site.



  2. Glad you like it John; yes Hacker is Gene Hunts 2nd cousin on his Mother's side (the Regans).

    Joe, yes, thats Geezers in action. I fudged it a bit for dramatic effect and to keep the bodycount down - there isnt a shoot to kill policy in East Whittington.