Monday 5 July 2010

Gaming The Winter of '79

In the good old bad old days of gaming, a C20th British Civil War scenario would see gamers dividing the UK straight across the middle, then equally dividing the armed forces, arranging for dribs of reinforcements from BAOR and other overseas deployments before bashing each other across the arbitary border in some Cold War rematch of WW1.

I'm glad to say that things are different  these days. Wargame rules such as AMBUSH ALLEY make representing the very nature of asymmetric warfare not just possible in miniature but challenging and fun. So we will be approaching The Winter of '79 from two different angles and essentially different play styles within a single overriding theme.

Maff is leading the build up in tension in the fictional amywhere inner city borough of East Whittington. These games are going to be small and probably focus around a corner pub, a used car business on an old bomb site and a railway viaduct with a few shops in it. Using GEEZERS - "SHUT IT!" CI5 and local Special Branch will be attempting to foil bankrolling raids by revolutionaries, and prevent arms deals from going down.  MI5 drones or SAS will bust armed Trot cells, bomb factories and arms caches using FLYING LEAD.

My personal gaming focus is on riot, rebellion and revolution! Civil protest and disturbance leading to armed insurgency and open civil war. Riots and running gun battles on the streets of Borchester using AMBUSH ALLEY. Union militias, Mad Trots, Very Private Armies will square off against each other and a fractured British Army using FORCE ON FORCE. A squallied war of patrols, raids and snatches across the country at large will be played out with classic SCUDBUSTERS, RECON and others.

Larger engagements between forces loyal to the civil power against rebel British Army, revolutionary and militia units are n the cards, but we will build up to these. Initially a clutch of Land Rovers, a few Bedfords, the odd armoured vehicle and helicopter, plus a gaggle of civvie vehicles is enough to get the show on the road. You'll find Land Rovers and Bedfords far more ubiquitous and versatile than a troop of CVR (T) Scorpions.



  1. Do you really think that telling everyone that CI15 and MI5 exist is helping in the curent crisis? Do you not know that it is Government Policy not to comment on any security issues?

    We are watching you Hannam.

  2. Remind me McTavish. What was the colour of the boathouse at Hereford?