Thursday 8 July 2010

Dawn Raid at Railway Cuttings


Residents awoke to doors breaking and shots being fired in a dawn raid that left two, including a policeman, fatally wounded. "Railway Cuttings is a quiet street" said Mr T Hitchcock, who runs a B&B, "many of my guests are artistes and just aren't used to this sort of thing. I knew the lads in number 15, they often borrowed sugar or fertiliser for their garden and once gave Miss Jacks some spare peroxide they had. They'd wave at me as I went to donate blood. But I saw this coming, Oh yes, the signs were there if you know what I mean."
As the Police scoured the area for forensic evidence, DCI Jack Hacker read out a statement, "This was a textbook raid, shockingly marred by the murder of DC Towle at the hands of workshy criminal scum who have now got what they deserve. We have more than eneough evidence to achieve a conviction of the surving toe-rag."
A Source Close to the Flying Squad revealed todays grim events to our reporter, "Well, boyo, it was like this see, the Guv he was at the front door with a fireaxe and Terry, while me and Bammo were in the alley by the back gate. The Chief had sent two marksmen along and we'd got them where they could cover the back. The Guv blew the whistle and took out the front door, Bammo opened the gate and we tore in and I took my axe to the back door. This boyo was in the kitchen and made a dash for it but I tackled him and down we went - there we were in a bit of a ruck on the floor when the Guv tanks in and kicks im in the head. That's when we heard the shots upstairs. Bammo cuffed him to the fridge and we ran like stink upstairs - thats when we heard two more shots. Turns out Terry bach had looked in the bog just as the shooter came out of the front bedroom and just shot him - then ran along the landing and opened the back window to do a runner, he was waving his .38 he was and the marksmen both got him, fair play to them. "


DC Roy Towle was shot in the course of duty

Stevie Watson was shot by policemarksmen, he was holding a .38 webley revolver which was proved to be the weapon used to murder DC Towle

Douglas Dawson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, armed robbery and the murder of DC Towle. In his summing up, Justice Forsyth told the Jury that "Dawson was not holding the gun but you may wish to decide that he was as responsible as his appalling fellow thug, the unlamented Watson." Dawson was found guilty by unanimous verdict and sentenced to life imprisonment. At his trial he had a pronounced limp.
Chief Constable Rodney Boye of East Whittington was quoted as saying "This case has broken the legs of the wave of armed crime in the Borough".
Two days later two masked men armed with sten guns held up a Securicor van on Whittington High Road. The Police are appealing for witnesses and investigations are "ongoing".


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