Saturday, 24 November 2012

Digging In!

Up to now I've been in two minds about Javis Scenics products. However, Javis's new 'resin' range of superior quality terrain items for wargamers has me hooked. I saw the photo below on eBay and was immediately prompted to buy this set. I'm sure you'll agree they just looked perfect for Free Taff positions in the Black Mountains.

Javis Scenics Assorted Foxhole Trenches (Ref RB60)

Past experience prompted me to set my expectations low. Well, the foxhole set arrived yesterday and I fully admit that my scepticism proved to be unfounded. They are believe me, really, really good, with a lot of care being put into the design. The casting is crisp and well detailed and I love the fact they really do look like defensive positions hastily put together with meagre defence stores and anything else at hand. You can just imagine the Free Taff Militia holding them can't you?

The foxholes come grey base coated, highlighted and flocked. Ready to be put into action on the tabletop until time is available to get round to painting them. Each fighting position of corrugated iron, wooden boards and sandbags, is approximately 3" or 8cm in diameter. The larger one holding 6 standing/kneeling squaddies at a push. The foxholes are billed as 20-25mm by Javis and best suit larger 20mm (1/72) figures or original 25's. Having said that my 28mm Pig Iron Sci Fi Colony troopers don't look too out of place.

 Platoon 20 Government Paras

Maff needs to get used to this sight
of Paras in Free Taff positions

Just looking at them again. I may well buy a second set, add rubble, masonry and oildrums to ceate a set of urban  fighting positions. Heather brought home from work some small scale ribbed cardboard from packaging and I'm going to see if painted as corrugated iron, I can give at least two of them some lightweight removable overhead cover.

I'm now more than happy to buy more from this range, whether defences, ruined outbuildings or the versatile set of 4 ruined wall corner pieces. Probably order one or two of these  items a month to ring the changes and build up a small collection of inexpensive scatter terrain.If you are looking for the foxholes yourself on eBay or elsewhere, run a search for 'Javis Trenches' and check out the rest of the products here: Javis Scenics.



  1. They're nice little pieces, I have a few for Napoleonic skirmish gaming.

  2. Nice those- thanks for the heads up - I'll be picking up a set of them.