Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Streatham Powerplay

No.2, "We had better call everyone in on this Roy. The more resources, the quicker we'll catch him. Don't you think?" 

Roy, "He's injured. We know that much. We don't know how badly, but a 7.62 tends to leave a mess. Damn it! He might just as easily have hopped on a bus out of there and be squirrelled away with some posh trot totty in Hampstead."

No.2, "He's gone to ground and will head for friends locally. You know the routine. Riga wasn't it?"


Roy, "Get me enough bodies on the ground and I'll put every chemist shop and veterinary surgery under surveillance. We'll turnover every clinic and surgery within 3 miles for known sympathisers. If anyone so much as goes home with a band aid in their pocket, Special Branch will be on to them".

No.2, "I'll pull out all the stops for this and will turn out every cook and bottle washer from Hereford if I have to. I'm sure Dickie would appreciate a result. Something to celebrate between ourselves though, eh!

You'll need some extra muscle on the streets. This pop chappie has caused a stir. Even in Hampstead."

High wire fencing on the playground,
High rise housing all around....
High time to pull it all down


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