Friday, 9 November 2012

SITREP: New RH Models

Been a victim of my own success at work. Taken on Business Intelligence and Sharepoint in addition to the online HR Portal. H suddenly became ill too and at one stage we feared for her life, but she's safely in the hands of the medicos and we expect a successful conclusion. All leading to a very quick shift in gears, as you might expect, and wargaming has once again taken a back seat.

Still, managed to grab a day off today for some R&R and to just STOP. May even get back to my Winter of '79 workbench this weekend.

Meanwhile, Rolf at RH Models (Liberation Miniatures) has been beavering away at his usual eclectic release schedule, bringing out several new packs suitable for Winter of '79 and more.

Urban Meltdown;
Urbmeltsqu ; 11 figures , 10 with SLR and 1 with Bren £5.35
UrbmeltsquT; as above in 44 pattern British helmet  £5.35
Urbmeltbren; 2 figures with Bren , 2 NCO's with FN , 1 sniper nya
UrbG3; 9 figures with G3 rifle - use for TW2K West German Home Guard etc NYA

Falklands era Brits 1970's/80's

FalkcomH; 5 figure command pack helmets £2.50
FalkcomA; Command pack in berets - 6 figures. £3.00
FalkcomT; as above 44 pattern helmets £3.00
FalksmgH; 2 figs with stirlings helmets - new/remade £1.00
Falk4; new figs revised as a 4 figure pack £2.00 (GPMGs in helmets)
FalksamT; blowpipe fier in 44 helmet nya
FalkgunT; 4 gun frew in 44 helmets nya
SasFalkrad; 2 radio figs - wool knit cap £1.00
SaSFalkFN: 8 figures with SLR nya
SASFalkMort; 3 man mortar crew nya
SASFalksni; 3 figs with L42 nya

ArgSqucc; 10 figures in parka with FN Rifle in canvas covered helmet £4.80

ultpccom; Multipupose command pack in officers peaked cap - 6 figs £3.00

Rolf will be at Warfare in Reading on the 17/18th November. If you are going, pop along and say Hi from me. I'm particularly looking forward to the SAS with SLR (SaSFalkFN) and civvies with G3 (UrbG3) becoming available and those SAS signallers (SaSFalkrad) plus civvies in '44 helmet with SLRs are definitely on the shopping list.

Over the past while, I've been buying my RH Models via Pumpkin Models on eBay and thoroughly recommend him as an eBay trader.

Feels good getting back to the blog!



  1. Good to have you back - hope you feel better for the day R&R!

  2. Hope 'H' is ok. Good posting, good to see you back.


  3. Hope all continues to move forward well with your wife.Good to see you posting here again.
    best wishes

  4. Good to hear from you again. Take care and get your strength back soon.

  5. Best wishes to H for a speedy recovery.