Friday, 23 November 2012

Helicopter Magazine: Westland Wessex

Quick heads up. Issue 7 of Helicopter Magazine is in the newsagents now and sports a very nice 1/72 diecast Westland Wessex HU5 for only £7.99. Great value when you consider the corresponding Matchbox plastic kit is around £9.00 and the Corgi collectible version a whopping £45 (average).

Couldn't resist some Ride of the Valkyries glory in Winter of '79 so bought three. You can just imagine the Paras watching Apocalypse Now, loving it and coming up with a ballsy plan. The next phase of operations in Wales....sorted!



  1. Strangely enough, when I saw this in my newsagents, your blog immediately came to mind! If you've not already come across it, 'Scram', by Harry Benson, gives a pretty good account of Wessex operations in the Falklands.