Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Kebab House Siege

Shoppers witness shootings in broad daylight! 
Armed policeman and shop owner killed!
Mad Trot robbers take 3 hostage 
in Tooting Bec Kebab House!

The News of the World can reveal that Police officers searching for Mad Trot Alan Tate, ran him to ground at the very moment he was undertaking an armed raid on the King of Kebapche Kebab Takeaway in Tooting Bec on Wednesday.

In the ensuing shootout which saw innocent shoppers scurrying for safety, heavily armed police attempted to arrest and apprehend Alan Tate and an unknown number of accomplices. One police officer and shop owner Petar Bukowski, 35, were mercilessly killed by Trot gunfire. 

Heavily armed police quickly surrounded the building, sealing off Tooting Bec and soldiers erected barricades, checkpoints and searchlights facing Tooting Broadway to prevent interference from pockets of Popular Front diehards still thought to be at large in the area. Shops and homes on either side of the property were hurriedly evacuated.

Tate is forcing attractive hostage Galina Vankov, 24, a student at the London School of Economics, to negotiate with police through a third floor window. Though visibly shaken and operating to orders being given from inside the barricaded upstairs flat, Galina has pleaded with police for the safety of those inside.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the whereabouts of a Grey Cortina, whiplash aerial, racing trim, seen leaving the area at sped shortly after the shootings.


We'll unravel the real story behind the siege and aftermath over the coming week.


  1. Very Good. Looking forward to more about it.


  2. I used to live in Tooting Bec in the late 1970's, wonder if the TA at Fusilier House up the road reacted to the shooting? (He says as a former C Coy 5RRF Fusilier)...

    1. LOL! Snap! I lived in Tooting around then! Great flat. It was a very drunken time. Met my wife there before she was even my girlfriend at a Halloween party and I subsequently moved into the very same property.