Sunday 19 July 2015

More Office Space

I've picked up a new OO gauge office frontage from Dave aka eBay seller "Harleycat".  This half relief model was just £8.95. Given the blood, sweat and tears, especially the latter, I'd shed printing and building something along the same lines I thought it was a complete bargain!

I have a feeling this may get a canopy over the door and become a Police Station in the mould of 'Sunhill' from the popular TV series The Bill. This building could also be a Polytechnic, a science laboratory, an Insurance office, DHSS or Unemployment Benefits office - you get the idea.

Dave's buildings are great quality, well constructed and importantly, well packaged when they come to you. 



  1. Great find - could also be part of my old Secondary Modern school!

  2. Great model! Sitting watching Red Dawn, just thinking what would British Wolverines be called??Bulldogs maybe.

  3. Looks like my old secondary school's science block! Nice target for a Charlie G then!!