Saturday 18 July 2015


Still very much in a doing frame of mind. Need to thank Mark Griffin of Pumpkin Models for supplying the necessary impetus. This week I've cleaned and undercoated by hand 50 or so miniatures for Winter of '79  with Daler-Rowney Gesso Primer and done some more conversions.

Rebel (Loyalist) Regulars WIP. Elhiem BAOR01
with heads taken from various RH Models figures
(A young Chris Ryan in 'Rommel cap' on far right)

I like having a less regular look to 'rebel' military forces. It's not necessary but I just feel it looks better and helps identify who's who when both sides on tabletop are wearing DPM. Alternatively you can have one side wholly in berets/Tams/Glengarries/Commando caps and the other in helmets.

I thoroughly recommend Gesso as a practical primer solution. Its water based, non-toxic and non-smelly. so I was able to sit at my breakfast bar in the kitchen and undercoat two two four miniatures before I left for work in the morning and a half a dozen or so at a time as I saw fit in between converting and basing other miniatures each evening.

The Daler-Rowney goes on a dream even undiluted. I use a Citadel flat headed 'Large Drybrush' and take it straight from the pot. To get good coverage I make sure the tip of the brush is full and brush it on boldly, making sure to use the edge of the brush to push the Gesso into crevices and corners.
If you dilute the Gesso or have just cleaned your brush and haven't dried it, then you'll get a smeary finish. Plus, surface tension together with the fact the Gesso shrinks onto the miniature as it dries will leave bare patches that need to be touched up.

 Elhiem BAOR14 Gesso Primer
The shiny dots are just reflection

I put the Gesso on fairly thick and then 'push' it around the miniature. I'm not blase though and ensure it's not too thick over faces or important detail. Now bare in mind I absolutely abhor undercoating miniatures and I have to say that it's been a real pleasure this week. Strangely very relaxing, and not a chore at all. To my mind, the results and ease of use are superior to any other primer I've used, and that includes a variety of sprays. And of course it's perfect for use in the limited confines of a flat or around the missus, children and pets. 

OK, I have a couple of hours spare today so going to attack those Combat Miniatures ex-Hotspur Operation Panshir Russians.

Combat Miniatures, straight from the packet

Not looking forward to it........



  1. ooosh , that kinda flash ain't acceptable ... :-(

  2. I've given up on the Combat miniatures sculps. The moulds are just too old now.
    I might try Gesso but I do swear by my Halfords undercoat.