Wednesday 15 July 2015

Operation Compound Fracture

A quick solo game last night of an assault on a Taliban training camp. Using Lock Stock for this game the SAS were Hard, the Royals Ncos were Blokes and squaddies were all Lads. Taliban had a small cadre of Blokes whilst the remainder were Lads and Tossers. The Brits are from Rolf and once again painted by Mark Griffin of Pumpkin Models. The Taliban are Platoon 20 Mujahadin.

I don't normally play recent conflicts in Afghanistan but I had some great buildings purchased from Mike at Blastwall calling out to me. The Brits are for a post oil crisis dust up set in present day Scotland later this year - the game that is, not the crisis.....we do hope anyway.

I bought these buildings as they reminded me of the Russian movie 9 Rota (9th Company) but Combat Miniatures 1980s Operation Panshir Russians are p. poor castings and a bitch to clean up, so it will be a while before they make it to the table. You can find Blastwall buildings on eBay by simply searching for '20mm Afghanistan'. Very reasonably priced, sturdy models with the right ramshackle look you'd expect of rural Afghan structures.

The action in brief... The SAS storm the cadre's compound and slot them. Smudger and his Lads carried out the main fight taking another small compound (top). Smudger is saved from a bullet lodging in a rolled up copy of Mayfair (the modern equivalent anyway).

Chalky's brick distracted the main Taliban compound which was awake by now but with Tangos milling about in the confusion. Chalky put in a classic Fire and Movement advance in pairs up to the front wall, allowing Smudger's brick to infiltrate along the river bed to the blind rear wall and knock it in with an explosive charge.

Smudger, a true bloke to the end went down in the final moments, only British casualty in the mission! Otherwise a job cleanly executed. 



  1. Still teasing us with these rules Mark?

  2. I second Conrad Kinch... love the troop classifications- you get what they mean straight away.



  3. Great pictures and minis!